Read thru the New Testament-June 6

John 16:1-15 John 16:1-6-Jesus continues (15:18-16:6) to teach the second indispensible lesson concerning how they are to live in His absence…how to face opposition. John 16:1-4-He says that He has told them these things ahead of time so that when they happen they will remember that He had warned them and they will not fall... Continue Reading →

Read thru the New Testament-June 5

John 15 Jesus and the disciples leave the home where they had celebrated the Passover (see 14:31). They have probably begun to slowly make their way towards the Garden of Gethsemane (see 18:1). Along the way, Jesus continues to teach the disciples. Chapters 15-17 contain what is commonly referred to as the “Second Farewell Discourse”…the... Continue Reading →

Read thru the New Testament-June 4

John 14:1-31-Jesus and the disciples are together for the Passover. He is teaching them for the last time. He bases this teaching on the reality of Who He is, God…not a representative of God, not a godly man…but God, Himself. Having established that criterion, He begins with the command that they are to receive His... Continue Reading →

Read thru the New Testament-June 3

John 13:18-38John 13:18-20-Jesus speaks of His betrayal. Judas is sitting there with the other disciples and must realize at this moment that Jesus is speaking of him. Jesus tells the disciples that He is going to tell them now what will happen in the next few days so that when it does happen it will... Continue Reading →

Read thru the New Testament-June 2

John 13:1-17 John 13:1-3-Jesus and the disciples are celebrating the Passover feast, together. Noticethat John tells us three important realities that Jesus knew (“knowing”) and was certain about: 1.-the purpose of His ministry…while His brutal death and the hatred expressed towards Him in thecoming hours would abruptly end His life and might make it appear... Continue Reading →

Read thru the New Testament-June 1

John 12:20-50 John 12:20-26-There were some Greek (Gentiles, not Jewish by birth) converts to Judaism who had come to Jerusalem for Passover. The fact that they wanted to meet Jesus suggests that they had a openness to things of God. They did not go directly to Jesus, but approached Philip.  We don’t know why they... Continue Reading →

Read thru the New Testament-May 31

John 12:1-19 John 12:1-8-It was 6 days before the Passover when Jesus went to Bethany to raise Lazarus from the dead. While they were eating (Martha was serving of course), Mary anointed the feet of Jesus with very costly perfume (300 denarii was the approximate income of a rural work for an entire year). Why... Continue Reading →

Read thru the New Testament-May 30

John 11:47-57 John 11:45-46-These verses present the stark difference of opinion and response of people to Jesus. Some see what He does and hear His message…and believe in Him. Others see the same miracles and hear the same message…and turn their backs on Him. John 11:47-54-The chief priests and Pharisees acknowledge that Jesus is “performing... Continue Reading →

Read thru the New Testament-May 29

John 11:18-46John 11:20-28-When Martha heard that Jesus had arrived she went out to meet Him…Mary stayed in the house.  He had not yet come into the village but had stopped nearby (:30).  Martha tells Jesus that if He had arrived in time she knew that He could have saved Lazarus from dying.  She then makes... Continue Reading →

Read thru the New Testament-May 28

John 11:1-19 John 11:1-19-Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha, lives in Bethany and is deathly ill.  This is the Mary who anointed the feet of Jesus with oil and wiped them with her hair.  This event had not yet happened (see 12:1-8; Matthew 26:6-13; Mark 14:3-9; a similar incident involving a different woman occurred... Continue Reading →

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