May 2 – Thoughts About God For My Grandkids

May 2   Bible Reading: Luke 23:1-26   Topic Summary:   There are so many pressures in our world that influence what we do.  Sometimes it can be difficult to make decisions.  We need to remember that as followers of Christ…our decisions are to be based on the Word of God, the Bible.  Nothing else…no-thing... Continue Reading →

Read Thru The New Testament – April 19

April 19   Luke 17:1-19   The Teaching for Kingdom Members by the Son of Man, cont’d.     Luke 12:1-19:27 Luke 17:1-6                    The Practice of Forgiveness   Luke 17:1-2-Jesus warns the disciples to be wary of people ("stumbling blocks") who would keep them from truly following His teachings.  God’s judgment for those people that cause others... Continue Reading →

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