June 9 – Thoughts About God For My Grandkids

June 9


Bible Reading: John 18:1-23


Topic Summary:


Jesus knew what was coming on the day that He was arrested…and yet, He didn’t turn away.  He could have stopped.  He could have run.  But He didn’t.  Jesus chose to suffer…so that you wouldn’t have to.  That is the greatest expression of love ever made.


Thoughts about God for My Grandkids:


Have you ever had one of “those” days?  If you have, you immediately knew exactly what I was talking about.  If you haven’t, don’t worry, your time will come soon enough.  Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.

A young man in Utah who woke up because the plumbing in his ceiling was leaking and water was dripping on his face.  He quickly jumped out of bed and found that the water was already ankle deep on the floor.  He decided to call the landlord.  The landlord told him to rent a water vacuum and get the water up before it ruined his property.  So, the young man rushed out to his car only to discover that he had a flat tire.  He decided he’d better call for some help, so he ran back into his apartment, sloshed back through the water, picked up the phone, and it shocked him so badly that he ripped the phone off the wall.

By that time he knew that he needed help so he decided to go back down to his car.  But when he tried to get out the door, it wouldn’t budge.  The water had swollen it in its frame.  He started screaming from inside his apartment until somebody came and kicked the door down from the outside.  He rushed out to his car only to find that it had been stolen while he was inside.  He remembered that it had only a very little gas in it, so he ran a couple of blocks down the street and there it was sitting right in the middle of the road.  Some people helped him push the car back to his apartment.  Finally he got the water turned off, fixed the flat tire, and filled his car up with gas.

By that time, he had to hurry to make it to his ROTC graduation ceremony.  Grabbing his bayonet, he threw it into his car and ran upstairs to get dressed.  When he ran back down to his car, he forgot that he had left his bayonet in the driver’s seat and sat down on it.  Minutes later, he found himself in an emergency room getting some very strategic surgery.

Trudging back to his apartment, he opened the door, and saw that falling plaster had toppled onto his pet canary’s cage, killing the bird.  As he dashed over to where the cage was on the floor, he slipped on the wet carpet and injured his back.  Once more he found himself in the emergency room.  By that time, a newspaper reporter had caught up with him and asked, “How can you explain a day like this?”  The only thing the young man could say was, “Well, it looks like God was trying to kill me but He just kept missing!”

Now, that is what I mean by one of “those” days.  I imagine that if we could see the future and knew that one of “those” days was coming…we would make a quick change of course.


The Bible says that Jesus had one of “those” days.  Actually, what happened to that man cannot even begin to compare to what happened to Jesus.  You remember…He was beaten, and cursed, and spat on, and whipped, and crucified.  To me, one of the most amazing things is that He knew it was coming…and didn’t change His course.  The Gospel of John says, “Jesus therefore, knowing all the things that were coming upon Him…”.  In other words, He knew exactly what was about to happen.  It didn’t catch Him off-guard or by surprise.  He knew.  And He had more than one chance to duck out.  In fact, on numerous occasions He could have changed His plans, or changed what He was preaching…and He probably would not have had one of “those” days.  But He didn’t.  Why?  Why didn’t Jesus put on the brakes before it was too late?  You.  Jesus knew that He was going to suffer and die…and He knew that it was because of you.  And yet, He chose to do so.  Jesus knowingly, willingly, deliberately went to cross to pay the price for your sin.  Jesus chose to have one of “those” days…so that you wouldn’t have one of “those” days.  Jesus chose to pay for your sin…so that you wouldn’t have to pay for your sin.  You might paraphrase the verse I just gave you by putting your name in it…

“Jesus therefore, knowing all the things that were coming upon Him…

chose to go through them for ____________”.

That kind of changes the picture, doesn’t it?  Jesus didn’t just happen to have one of “those” days.  He chose to go through it for you.

If for one moment, if ever the slightest doubt crosses your mind, and you begin to question if God loves you…remember what Jesus chose to do for you.  Remember that He loves you so much that He chose to pay the price for your sin.  He didn’t just say that He loves you.  He chose to prove that He loves you.


Love you more than bunches and bunches,



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