Read Thru The New Testament – June 8

June 8


John 17

John 17:1-26-Jesus prays to the Father.  This prayer is often referred to as the “High Priestly” prayer since Jesus is praying in our behalf as our High Priest.  His prayer is for all believers…those that were present there, at that moment, and those in the future (:20).  Notice what Jesus prays for:

  1. for the Father to glorify the Son (:1);
  2. for the Father to receive glory from the Son (:1);
  3. that those that the Father gave to the Son will have eternal life (:2). He defines eternal life as knowing the Father as the one and only true God, and know Him as the Messiah that the Father sent (:3);
  4. that since He glorified the Father through His ministry on earth, the Father would restore the glory that He shares with Him in Heaven (:4);
  5. that the Father would keep (watch over, protect, hold fast, secure) those who have believed His word and are still living on earth without Him…this speaks of God securing our salvation (:5-12);
  6. that the Father would sanctify (keep them holy and pure from sin in a sinful world) them with His word…this will bring them joy (:13-19);
  7. that they would be unified (:20-23);
  8. that through their unity they would be a witness to the world…that the world may believe (:21-23);
  9. that ultimately, they will join Him in Heaven where they will behold His glory (:24);
  10. that the Father’s love and His love would be in them (:25-26).

Prayer: Jesus, thank You for praying for me.  Please, Father, let this prayer be fulfilled.  Help me to be a witness to Your glory here on earth; and a witness of Your glory in Heaven.

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