Read Thru The New Testament – June 3

June 3


John 13:18-38

John 13:18-20-Jesus speaks of His betrayal.  Judas is sitting there with the other disciples and must realize at this moment that Jesus is speaking of him.  Jesus tells the disciples that He is going to tell them now what will happen in the next few days so that when it does happen it will lead them to believe in who He has told them that He was.  And immediately, He again uses the Hebraic term reserved exclusively for God in reference to Himself, “I am”.

John 13:21-30-Jesus reveals to the disciples that there is a traitor in their midst, and it deeply troubles Him.  John was sitting next to Jesus and Peter tells him to ask Jesus who the traitor is.  John asks who it is and Jesus identifies Judas as the one.  John still did not know exactly what Judas was going to do.  To identify him, Jesus told John that it would be the man that He gave a piece of bread to.  He gave the bread to Judas.  At that moment…“Satan then entered him” (:27)…meaning that at that moment Judas submitted to the temptation of Satan.  Perhaps Judas had heard the request of John to identify the traitor and when Jesus identified him it was the last straw.  In his mind, there was now no turning back.  Jesus told Judas to do what he had planned, quickly.  It could mean that He did not want the other disciples to begin to speculate about his intention and attempt to stop him.  Or, it could be that He was instructing Judas to not waste any time in what he was going to do…don’t be deterred.  Judas left.

John 13:31-38-Jesus now begins a lengthy time of teaching the disciples which concludes at 17:26.  Jesus prefaces what He is about to teach the disciples by telling them that all that will happen in the coming days will bring glory to the Father and to Him.  He is assuring them that nothing that happens will be by accident.  He also tells them that His time left with them is short.  Three times during this last teaching session Jesus will command the disciples to “love one another” with the same kind of love that He had given to them (13:34; 15:12,17).  Of all that He was going to teach them to do…this was the single most important identifying quality to the world of Who they belong to.  Peter was focused on what Jesus had previously said concerning His leaving and their not being able to go with Him.  Jesus explains that while they cannot come at the moment, they would come to Him, later.  Peter is adamant…he is willing to die if necessary in order to follow Him, now!  Jesus warns Peter to not be so hasty in what he says.  Indeed, before the cock (rooster) crows the third time on the following morning, not only will Peter not die for Jesus, but he will deny Him three times.

Prayer:  Lord, it seems that right up until the end that You allowed Judas to be a part of what You were doing…as if You were giving him every opportunity to repent.  Please help me to be as patient with people as You were.

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