May 20 – Thoughts About God For My Grandkids

May 20


Bible Reading: John 7:32-53


Topic Summary:


Ever been thirsty?  Ever heard someone say, “If I don’t get a drink of water I’m going to die!”  Guess what…they’re right.  If you go too long without water…you will die.

Jesus was well aware of that fact and He used an annual celebration of the Jews to demonstrate that in the same way that you must have water in order to have physical life…you’ve got to have Him in order to have spiritual (eternal) life.


Thoughts about God for My Grandkids:



  • If it is raining, and 1 acre of ground is covered in 1 inch of water…that would be equal to about 27,154 gallons and it would weigh about 226,000 pounds (113 tons).
  • One acre-foot of water (that’s 1 acre covered in 1 foot of water) equals 326,000 gallons or 43,560 cubic feet of water, and weighs 2.7 million pounds.
  • One cubic mile of water equals 1.1 trillion gallons, 147.2 billion cubic feet, or 3.38 million acre-feet, and weighs 9.2 trillion pounds (4.6 billion tons).
  • About 71% of the earth’s surface is covered with water.
  • The volume of all water on the earth would be about 332.5 million cubic miles. A cubic mile of water equals more than 1.1 trillion gallons.  So, all the water on earth would be more than 365.75 x 1016


  • The amount of precipitation (rainfall, dew, etc.) that falls on different places around the world may range from less than 0.1 of an inch each year in some deserts to more than 900 inches each year in the tropics.
  • One of the driest spots on Earth is Iquique, Chile, where no rain fell for 14 years.
  • The world’s wettest spot is on Waialeale, Hawaii, where an average of more than 451 inches of rain falls each year, and where more than 642 inches fell from July 1947 to July 1948.
  • However, Cherrapunji, India, holds the record for the most rain in one year…905 inches of rain was measured in 1861.


  • In the United States, an average of 70% of the annual precipitation returns to the atmosphere.
  • The remaining 30% produces an average annual flow in streams of approximately 1,200 billion gallons a day.
  • The homes, farms, and factories in the U.S. use about 355 billion gallons of water each day.


  • The human body is made up of about 60% water.
  • The average person needs to drink about 64 ounces (1/2 gallon) of water each day.
  • The average person can survive from 3-4 days without water. Depending on the heat, humidity, how active the person is, and a few other factors…a person could possibly survive for up to one week without water.



Way back (about 1,500 years before Jesus lived), Moses led the people of Israel out of Egypt.  That event is called the Exodus.  The Bible says that there were 603,550 men (Numbers 1:46) in the group that left with Moses.  Bible scholars say that when you add in the women and children there may have been as many as 2.4 million people.  A short time after leaving Egypt they came to a huge area called the “Wilderness”.  It wasn’t long before they began to run out of water.  Can you imagine how difficult it must have been to find enough water for 2.4 million people in a hot, dry, desert area?  The people began to grumble, and complain, to Moses.  Moses prayed to God.  God pointed out a rock to Moses and told him to hit it with his shepherd staff.  When he did, water poured out.  God provided water for the people in the Wilderness.  He did this for the entire 40 years that the Jews wandered in the Wilderness.

Now, fast-forward to the days of Jesus.  Each year the Jews had an 8-day celebration in Jerusalem called the Feast of Booths, or Tabernacles.  Its purpose was to remind them of the time of the Exodus and how God had protected them and provided for them.  To remind them of how the people lived during the Exodus…they would build small structures made out of tree limbs and branches (like they did in the Exodus) and would camp out in them during the days of the celebration.  To remind them of how God had miraculously provided water for the people of the Exodus, each day a priest would go to the Pool of Siloam and draw water out with a golden pitcher (bucket).  He would then take the water into the Temple area and pour it out next to the base of the altar where the sacrifices were made.  He did this for 7 days in a row.  On the 8th day, no water was poured out…the ceremony had concluded.  The 8th day was to be a day of prayer and to remind them that at the end of their journey the people had entered into the Promised Land.

Jesus had come to Jerusalem during the Feast of Booths and was teaching in the area of the Temple.  Each of the 7 days He was there when the water was brought to the Temple and poured out.  On the 8th day, when no water was brought, He said…

If any man is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink.  He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, “From his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water.”

Jesus was using the water as a symbol of Himself.  To “drink” meant to have faith in Him, to trust in Him.  He told the people that God had provided water to the people in the Exodus to give them physical life.  And now, God had given Him to give them spiritual life.  The water in the Wilderness eventually stopped.  But the water that He provided would never stop.  The water in the Wilderness came from the outside.  The water that He provided was produced on the inside…by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, and the Jews, knew that water was essential for life.  You’ve got to have it.  Jesus also knew that a relationship with Him is essential for eternal life.  You’ve got to have Him.  So, He used this ceremony that the Jews had been celebrating for hundreds and hundreds of years…to help them understand how important, how essential, it was to believe in Him.  Without Him…there is no eternal life.


How long can you survive without water?  Not long.  How long can you survive without Jesus?  Not at all.  Drink deeply.  Believe in Jesus as your Savior…and you will never, ever be thirsty, again!


Love you more than bunches and bunches,


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