Read Thru The New Testament – May 17

May 17


John 6:22-46

John 6:22-40-At some time that night, Jesus and the disciples arrive in Capernaum.  The word had already spread about the miracle that Jesus had performed to feed all of the people.  Other boats began to arrive from the surrounding area…bringing more people who wanted to be fed.  When they realized that Jesus was not there, but had gone to Capernaum, they followed Him there.  The people question Jesus…almost as if He owes them an explanation for His actions.  After all, they were anticipating that He would feed them again, and again, and again.  The day before, Jesus had recognized this possessive, controlling attitude they were developing towards Him (:15) and had left.  He responds to their questioning by telling them that they don’t follow Him as a result of their faith in Him because of the signs that He performs…but rather, because they want Him to continue to feed them.  Jesus tells them that they should be more interested in the former…eternal things, not just earthly, temporal things.  They try to turn things around and say that they will believe in Him if He continues to feed them…using Moses’ provision of bread as an argument.  The people believed in Moses because He fed them.  And, they will believe in Him if He continues to feed them.  Jesus says that it was not Moses who gave the people the bread, but God.  And the bread that was provided through Moses was only a shadow, a foretelling of the true bread from Heaven that God had now sent…that being Him.  Jesus said, “I am the bread of life”.  He is the true bread from Heaven that God has provided…and those who believe in Him will never hunger, or thirst (He is speaking of spiritual hunger and thirst).


For an explanation of the significance of Jesus referring to Himself as “I Am” see…


John MacArthur tells an interesting story…

It’s an interesting thing, I told you Wednesday night about a debate that we had last, well, really a panel discussion that we had last week. I sat on a panel discussion at Verdugo Hills High School. And in that panel discussion, myself and a rabbi and a Catholic priest and about a thousand students. It was a tremendous opportunity, really exciting. On one occasion, a kid was trying to be smart about whether we knew God or not, and so he said, “How do you know God? What’s His name? You don’t even know His name.” And he said to the rabbi, “Tell us, what’s His name.” And the rabbi stood up and said, “We don’t know God’s name. It’s a magical formula name.” And he went into sort of a magical description. And he was going on and on, “we don’t know it, we can’t say it, we don’t know what it is. It’s a magical name.” And I was just sitting there, itching like crazy, you know. And after about a five minute discussion on not knowing His name, I put my hand up and said, “I know!” And I stood up and said, “His name, according to the Old Testament is ‘I am.’ And the ‘I am’ of the New Testament is God incarnate, Jesus Christ. We know His name. His name is ‘I am.’


But these people have seen Him, and yet not believed.  All those the Father has given to Him will come to Him (believe in Him) and He will not “cast out” (:37-means to reject, to expel with force).  Jesus has come from Heaven to carry out the Father’s will (His plan for man’s salvation)…and this is the Father’s will, that He will “lose” (means: to be destroyed, killed, put to death) none of those that have been given Him, and that all who believe in Him will have eternal life and He will raise them up on the third day…through His resurrection from the dead, resurrection from the dead shall be provided to them, as well.  Talk about security!  My home has an alarm system that warns me of an intruder.  If I am in an accident in my car it automatically makes a call to an emergency center.  If someone steals my phone there is an application on it that allows me to trace it and recover it from the thief.  Here Jesus is speaking of the safety and security that the Father provides for those that He loves and has saved.  Do we think for a moment that almighty God would protect and guard those that He loves any more than we provide safeguards for what we value?  Would God go to the extreme to send His own Son to die in our behalf so that we might be eternally saved…and then not provide an adequate system of security to keep us saved?  No.  Jesus will address this matter of eternal security on numerous occasions (cf. 10:27-30).  Remember, salvation is not something that I do.  Salvation is the work of God.  God saved you.  You didn’t save yourself.  If you didn’t do it…then you can’t undo it.  “And this is the will of Him who sent Me, that of all that He has given Me I lose nothing, but raise it up on the last day.”  Hallelujah!

John 6:41-46-The Jews were upset with Jesus calling Himself the bread from heaven…they knew that He was the son of Joseph.  How could He be from Heaven…when they knew where He lived in Nazareth?  Jesus told them to not get upset about it since they could not be expected to understand it because they had not been drawn by the Father (:44).  Why had the Father not drawn them?  Was He choosing to save some and not save others.  No.  The Father had sent Jesus to die for all men…to pay the price for the sins of every single man and woman who would ever live…to save all men.  But, through His infinite wisdom, the Father knows that not all will respond to Jesus in faith.  He draws those that He knows will respond in faith.  If they have truly heard from the Father they will accept Him as Savior.  Jesus then says that only He has seen the Father…since He is from the Father.

Prayer: Lord, help me to seek You, not for what You can do for me, but for Who You are.  Help me to have the wisdom to know You in the fullness of Your revelation and to bring You glory.

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