May 15 – Thoughts About God For My Grandkids

May 15


Bible Reading: John 5:25-47


Topic Summary:


We should be careful to not make decisions before consulting with God.  Once we start doing something…it can become a habit, become ingrained in our thinking, emotions, and behavior.  Then, if we find out that God has said that we shouldn’t do that, or that we should do something different, it is difficult to change.  Better to start right…than to struggle to change…or, to continue doing the wrong thing.


Thoughts about God for My Grandkids:


You’ve heard the saying, “Dead man walking”, haven’t you?  Well, in at least one case it is true.  In 1992, a man from Romania, named Constantin Reliu, went to Turkey to work.  Here is the weird thing…he never contacted his wife, or family, for 24 years.  Not one single time.  So, in 2016, his wife officially registered him as dead and received a death certificate.  Then, this year (2018), the authorities in Turkey deported him because his official papers from the government to stay in that country had expired.  He was sent back to Turkey.  When he got there…he went to see his wife.  Can you imagine her surprise!  She told him about the death certificate and he went to court to have it reversed.  However, the court said that he had waited too long and that it could not be reversed.  He would have to stay dead…or, alive…or, walking dead…or,…whatever.  So now, because he is officially dead, he cannot get a job, has no source of income, and cannot prove that he is who he says that he is…because that guy is officially dead.


Jesus had a similar problem.  Well, kind of.  You see, the Jewish leaders refused to believe He was Who He said He was.  And Who did Jesus say that He was?  He said that He was, “the Son of God”.  That sent the Jewish leaders into a ballistic spasm.  They said that when Jesus claimed to be “the Son of God”…it meant much, much more than to simply say that He was a believer in God.  Or, as someone might say, a “child of God” (meaning that they were one of God’s family).  No.  They said that Jesus was making an exclusive claim about Himself…that He was identifying Himself as being God.  And guess what.  They were right.  That was exactly what He was doing.  But Jesus gave them proof that what He said was true.  He directed them to…

  • His words. Everything that He said was true.  There was nothing that they could point to that He had said…that was false.  The only point they could make was that they disagreed with Him.
  • His works. The miracles that He performed were proof that He was God.  No on else, no mere human, could ever do those things.
  • What God said about Him in the Scripture. On numerous occasions Jesus showed them where the Old Testament specifically referred to Him and revealed Who He was.

The problem was not with the identification of Jesus.  The problem was with the acceptance of the identification of Jesus.  The Jewish rulers had already made up their minds and were not going to change them…despite the proof.

We need to be careful that we don’t make up our minds about something…before we hear from God.  Sometimes we decide to believe something, or to do something, without consulting God.  Then, when we finally find out what God has said…we are so deeply involved that we refuse to stop.  That is why it is important that we have a daily time when we pray and read God’s Word, the Bible.  If we do that, we can head off problems before we get involved in them.


Love you more than bunches and bunches,


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