May 14 – Thoughts About God For My Grandkids

May 14


Bible Reading: John 5:1-24


Topic Summary:


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could be absolutely, 100% confident in every decision we make, and every thing we do?

  • Should I take that job?
  • Should I date that person?
  • Should I buy that car?
  • Should I marry that person?
  • Should we have kids?

Everything.  Every decision.  Every action.  Every…well, you name it.  Guess what.  You can.  You can know what to do every single time.  I know, you’re thinking, “But, how?”  The answer is in this passage of Scripture.  It could radically change your life.


Thoughts about God for My Grandkids:


Have you ever seen the movie, Back to the Future?  It was an adventure film made in 1985.  Marty McFly was a teenager who had a friend named Doctor Emmett “Doc” Brown.  Doc was, well, let’s say that he was eccentric…that means some people would say that he was unusual, a little odd, peculiar.  And, as a matter of fact, he was…but in a good way.  Doc was a brilliant scientist who had secretly built a time machine (made from a DeLorean sports car).  He showed it to Marty and told him that he intended to go back in time to November 5, 1955.  However, through a series of events Marty ends up going back in time, instead of Doc.  There, he finds a much younger Doc and gets him to reset the time machine and send him back to 1985.

End of story, right?  Kind of…except that there was a sequel, Back to the Future Part II.  In Part II, Marty and Doc travel to October 21, 2015.  While there, Marty buys a Sports Almanac (magazine) that contains all the results of the major sporting events from 1950-2000.  Doc sees it and warns him to get rid of the Almanac and not take it back to 1985 with him.  It could be very dangerous in the wrong hands because whoever had it would know the results of every baseball, football, hockey, tennis, racing, and other sports events before they ever happened.  That person could gamble on the games and never lose.  All he had to do was read the Almanac…see who it said won…place a bet on the winner…and he couldn’t lose.  He would win every single time.  He could make millions and millions of dollars.  Marty agrees with Doc and says he will get rid of it.  But, without his realizing it, the Almanac fell out of his pocket as they were leaving.  In both movies the villain, or bad guy, is Biff Tannen.  He and Marty grew up together and were about the same age.  Now, in the future, Biff is much older.  Biff was a bully as a teenager.  Now, he is a very unhappy, angry bully.  Biff is hiding around a corner and overhears Marty and Doc talking about the time machine and the Almanac.  He sees the Almanac fall out of Marty’s pocket when they leave, grabs it, and rushes off to find the time machine.  He goes back to 1955 and finds his younger self.  He tells himself (yeah, I know that sounds strange) about the Almanac and how to use it…then returns to the future.  It is only later, when Marty and Doc return to 1985, that they realize what has happened.  By that time, Biff has been using the money that he had made gambling based on the Almanac for the last 30 years, and has built an evil financial empire full of chaos.  Now, Marty and Doc have to return to 1955, again…this time, to steal the Almanac from Biff before he has a chance to use it…and to change history back to how it had been, before.

That was easy, right?  Well, just in case you didn’t follow the entire storyline…here is the most important part.  In 1955, Biff was given a Sports Almanac from the future.  It listed every major sporting event from 1950-2000.  Using it, Biff began gambling.  He could not lose.  Why?  Because he could look at the Sports Almanac and know who won every single event…before it was ever played.  He knew the players, the scores, the outcomes, the winners…everything.  He never had to worry.  He knew exactly what to do.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we always knew what to do?

  • What sport I should play.
  • Who I should have as friends.
  • If I should I go to college.
  • Who I should date.
  • How to use my money.

Guess what…it’s not out of the question.  You can know.  And no…you don’t need a time machine.


The Jewish leaders were attacking Jesus because He said that God was His Father.  Jesus responded to their attacks by saying that He didn’t do anything that God didn’t tell Him to do…so, really, their fight was with God and not with Him.  Jesus went on to say that the Father showed Him what He was doing…and that then, He (Jesus), did the same thing.  Jesus said that He didn’t do anything on His own initiative (that means to decide to do so on His own, without asking God)…but He only did what He saw the Father doing, or what the Father told Him to do.  You know what that means?  It means that Jesus never failed, Jesus never did wrong, Jesus never messed up.  Everything that Jesus did was perfect.  Why?  Because everything that Jesus did…He did because God led Him to do it.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do that?  Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could know what we are supposed to do in every circumstance?  You can.  Just like Jesus…you can know what God wants you to do…in everything.  Several times in the Gospel of John (14:13,14; 15:16; 16:23,24,26), Jesus would tell the disciples that if they asked (that means to pray) anything in “His name”…that He would do it for them.  Now, it is important that we understand what that means.  It doesn’t mean that Jesus is some kind of genie in a bottle.  You rub the bottle, think about what you want, and say, “In Jesus name I want….”, and suddenly it appears.  No.  When you ask something in “Jesus name”…it means that you ask for your prayer to be answered according to what He wants.  Remember, that’s what Jesus did.  He always found out what God was doing, what God wanted…and then He did that.

So, here is the big question: How do you find out what God is doing, what God wants?  You spend time with Him.  You pray.  You read the Bible (it’s kind of like when Marty had the Sports Almanac…it tells you what you need to do).  You serve Him.  As you do those things…God will reveal Himself to you…what He is doing, and what He wants.  Then, you join Him in it.  If you do that, you will always do what is right.  You will never lose…but will always win.  God doesn’t have to back to the future…He’s already there, and here, and in the past…at the same time.  He knows exactly what you should do.  So, find out what God is doing and what He wants…and do it with Him.


Love you more than bunches and bunches,


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