Read Thru The New Testament – May 8

May 8


John 1:29-51

John 1:29-34-On the very next day John saw Jesus and identified Him as the “Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” (:29).


For an explanation of why John would refer to Jesus as the “Lamb of God…”, see:


He also says that “He existed before me” (:30)…even though he knew that Jesus had been born after him.  John then said that he had seen the “Spirit descending as a dove out of Heaven, and He remained upon Him” (:32).  He says that it had been previously revealed to him by God that when he saw the Holy Spirit descend upon a man, this would be a sign that He was the Messiah, “the Son of God” (:34).  This event also personified the Spirit, showing that He is not just an impersonal force.

John 1:35-51-The next day, John was standing with two of his disciples…and when Jesus came up he told them that He was “the lamb of God”.  The two disciples followed Jesus.  One of them was Andrew.  He immediately went and brought his brother Simon to Jesus…telling him that they had found the Messiah.


For an explanation of what the term “Messiah” means, see:


Jesus tells Simon that he will be called “Cephas” (this is a Hebrew word).  John then translated it into Greek for his non-Hebrew readers…”Peter” (it means “rock”).  The next day Jesus met Philip and called him to follow Him.  Philip went and found Nathanael.  Nathanael was not very impressed when he was told that Jesus was from Nazareth because Nazareth had something of a negative reputation at this time (see 7:52).  Jesus was aware of Nathanael’s attitude, so when he arrived He surprised him by telling him exactly where he had been standing when Philip had found him.  This small insight of Jesus had a profound impression on Nathanael.  Jesus told him that if he thought that was convincing…he would be pleased to know that much greater things than this lay in store.  In his conversation with Nathanael, Jesus referred to Himself as, “the Son of Man” (:51).

Notice all of the titles given to Jesus in chapter 1…

  • Word (:1)
  • God (:1)
  • Creator (:3)
  • Light (:7)
  • only begotten God (:18)
  • Lamb of God (:29,36)
  • Son of God (:34,39)
  • Messiah (:41)
  • King of Israel (:49)
  • Son of Man (:51)

From the very beginning of his gospel, John is clearly establishing Jesus in all of His glory and authority.

Prayer: Lord, John was constantly preparing people to meet Jesus…before he had ever identified Jesus as the Messiah, and then afterwards.  He told the Pharisees that was his intent, he told Andrew and Philip, and later he would send others to Jesus.  Help me to always be seeking to bring people to You.  Please keep me from seeking to get people to follow me…for the attention, or for whatever.  Help me to always keep my focus and the focus of other people on Jesus.

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