May 8 – Thoughts About God For My Grandkids

May 8


Bible Reading: John 1:29-51

Topic Summary:


Why should I trust Jesus to be my Savior?  As we read the opening chapter of the Gospel of John, it’s almost as if he anticipated that question.  So, he uses numerous titles for Jesus that identify His qualifications to be the Savior.


Thoughts about God for My Grandkids:


Dr. Michael Nicholson.  Bet you’ve never heard of him, have you?  And I can guarantee you that you’ve never been to him when you were sick, either.  Why?  Because he is not a medical doctor.  But here is the amazing thing about him…he holds the unofficial world record for the most college degrees.  How many does he have?  30, and counting.  That’s right…30 college degrees…from Specialist, to Bachelor, to Master, to Doctorate.

He has degrees in General Bible, Systematic Theology, Classroom Teaching, School Counseling, Educational Leadership, Business Administration, Library Science, Law Enforcement, Management, Special Education, Career and Technical Education, School Psychology, Home Economics, Teaching in Elementary School, Public Administration, Health Administration, and several other areas of study.

He has degrees from William Tyndale College, Dallas Theological Seminary, Eastern Michigan University, University of Ottawa, Western Michigan University, Wayne State University, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Lansing Community College, Michigan State University, Indiana University South Bend, and Grand Valley State University.

When Nicholson was 73-years-old (2014) he was still in college and intended to earn at least 3-4 more degrees.  At that time he was taking classes to earn a Master’s degree in criminal justice.

It didn’t start out that way.  He originally went to college with the intention of becoming a professor.  Then, he had some health issues and could not meet the physical requirements.  So, he just continued to study, and study, and study.

Nicholson is also a devoted believer in Jesus Christ.  Each morning he gets up at 4:30am (You do know that you can get out of bed before the sun rises, right?)…takes a 2-mile walk, reads the Bible, and prays.

Can you imagine walking into his office and seeing all of those degrees hanging in frames on the wall?  I don’t know about you, but I’d think, “That is one smart man!”  Those degrees would tell you a lot about him professionally.  What he had studied, what he knew, what he was qualified to do.  All of those degrees would also tell you a lot about him as a person.  They would identify who he was.  What he believed was important.  What he thought the purpose of his life was.


When John wrote his Gospel about Jesus, he wanted us to know Who He was, what His qualifications were, and what the purpose of His life was.  So, he hung His degrees on the wall.  How did he do that?  By the various titles that He used when he spoke of Jesus.  Notice the ones that he used just in the very first chapter…

  • Word (:1)
  • God (:1)
  • Creator (:3)
  • Light (:7)
  • only begotten God (:18)
  • Lamb of God (:29,36)
  • Son of God (:34,49)
  • Messiah (:41)
  • King of Israel (:49)
  • Son of Man (:51).

Each of these titles has special meaning and significance.  They tell us Who Jesus is, where He came from, and what the purpose of His ministry is.  John was clearly identifying Jesus for us.

Why is that important?  Well, let’s say that you are going to the doctor to have surgery.  You go into his office and there on the wall is his degree.  You look closely and it says, “Certificate of Graduation: County High School”.  Now, while you are glad that he graduated from High School…before he starts cutting on you…wouldn’t you want to know that he had been through college and medical school, as well?  I would.  I would want to know that he had studied and studied and studied…before he made one single incision on me.  Why?  Because I am trusting my life to him.

That’s the way it is with Jesus.  We are trusting our life, our eternal life, to Him.  And John wants us to be confident that He can do anything, and everything, that we need.  He is qualified to be the Savior.  So, John hangs His credentials on the wall.  He tells us Who Jesus is, and what qualifies Him to be our Savior.

You can trust Jesus.  He has all of the qualifications to be your Savior.  Not just the Savior Who will take you to Heaven…but, also the Savior Who will walk with you through life.  He is qualified to give you whatever wisdom you need, whatever strength you need, whatever hope you need, whatever you need.  You can trust Him with your life.  So, as you read through the rest of the Gospel of John…keep an eye out for how John describes the qualifications of Jesus.  It will give you confidence and faith in Him.  Whatever you face in life…Jesus has a degree in that.


Love you more than bunches and bunches,


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