May 7 – Thoughts About God For My Grandkids

May 7


Bible Reading: John 1:1-28


Topic Summary:


Understanding “how” God became man can be very difficult.  The Bible doesn’t give us a lot of detail.  Probably, because it is simply beyond our level of comprehension.  However, the Bible does tell us “why” God became man.  When we understand the “why”, the “how” doesn’t seem to matter, as much.


Thoughts about God for My Grandkids:


Let me ask you a question.  How do you describe color…to a blind person?  People have given several different suggestions.  For instance, you might relate color to:

Touch: tell someone to touch something and to relate how those things feel to a particular color.

  • Brown: a piece of wood, or dirt
  • Green: some leaves, or grass
  • Blue: put your hands in a bowl of cool water
  • Red: feel the heat from a fire, or candle
  • Grey: press against the hardness of concrete.

Smell and Taste: tell someone to smell, or taste, something and to relate how those things smell, or taste, to a particular color.

  • Red: strawberries, raspberries, and cherries
  • Orange: uuuuh, an orange
  • Yellow: banana
  • Green: lettuce or spinach

Sounds: tell someone to listen something and to relate how those things sound to a particular color.

  • Red: a siren
  • Blue: running water
  • Green: birds singing
  • Grey: a thunderstorm

Emotions: tell someone to think about something and to relate how those things make them feel to a particular color.

  • Red: anger
  • Orange: comfort, satisfaction
  • Yellow: happiness, cheerfulness
  • Green: peace, harmony
  • Blue: intelligence
  • Black: sophistication, glamour
  • White: purity, cleanliness

Numbers: now this is a little different.  We are going to use numbers to represent the color spectrum.  Imagine that you are counting from 1 (on the left) to 7 (on the right).  Each number represents a color on the spectrum.

  • 1 is red
  • 2 is orange
  • 3 is yellow
  • 4 is green
  • 5 is blue
  • 6 is violet
  • 7 is black.

Then, you can put other colors where they belong on the color spectrum by using numbers, as well.  For instance, light blue could be assigned the number 4.5.  What number would you assign to these colors…cayenne, lime, teal, pink, grape, salmon?

In each of those suggestions, we are relating, or comparing, something that we do know…to something that we don’t know.  In that way we gain knowledge about something that we don’t know about, something that is unfamiliar to us.


So, that brings us to the real question of the day.  Here it is: How do you describe something that has no material properties (that means that you cannot learn about it from your 5 senses…touch, taste, smell, sound, sight), to people who live in a material world (where everything that you learn is through your 5 senses)?  Okay, what am I talking about?  How do people on earth…learn about a God who lives in Heaven?  Get it now?  We are physical…God is spiritual.  How can physical people…learn about spiritual God?

Well, that is what God was facing.  God made us to know Him, to relate to Him.  But there’s a problem…God is spiritual and we are physical.  How was He going to make it possible for us to know Him?  To a limited amount…we can learn about God by looking at His creation.  For instance: we see that in creation there are certain laws.  That tells us that God is orderly and consistent.  We see beauty in creation.  That tells us that God values that which is glorious and majestic.  We see variety in creation.  That tells us that God has imagination and vision.  But God didn’t just want us to know about Him…He wanted us to know Him.  To know Him…personally.  So, He decided that He would take something that we know about, ourselves…and relate it to something that we don’t know about, Himself.

That is what John talks about in the first chapter of his Gospel.  He tells us that God became one of us…so that we could relate to Him on a physical level.  God became man…in Jesus Christ.  We could not go to God…so, God came to us.  John says that Jesus “explained” God to us (:18).  How did He do that?  When you see Jesus…you see God (in human flesh).  Now, listen close:

  • When you see Jesus, you don’t see all that God is.
  • But, when you see Jesus, you don’t see anything that God isn’t.
  • And, when you see Jesus, you see all that you need to see about God.

The Bible says that God is so glorious, so perfect…that if we (as sinful people) looked directly at Him…we would literally have a melt-down.  It cannot be done.  So, God took on a human body…and that body gives us the protection we need from His absolute essence.  Jesus is totally, 100%, completely God…but He is also totally, 100%, completely human.

Now we have a way to relate something that we do know about (Jesus)…to something that we don’t know about (God).  Isn’t that amazing?  God loves you so much that He became one of us…so that we can know Him.

From now on…every time that you use your 5 senses…taste, touch, smell, sound, sight…realize that God not only gave you those senses so that you can know about the world around you…but, so that you can know about the God Who made the world around you.  God wants you to know Him, personally.  Read your Bible.  Get to know Jesus…and you will know God.


Love you more than bunches and bunches,



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