Read Thru The New Testament – May 1

May 1


Luke 22:54-71


The Final Condemnation of the Son of Man, cont’d.        Luke 19:28-23:56        

Luke 22:54-62               Friday: Peter’s Denial at the Home of the High Priest


Jesus is arrested and taken to the home of the high priest.


For information on the High Priest see:


Peter follows the mob at what he thinks is a safe distance.  He makes his way into the courtyard of the high priest’s home where a crowd has gathered around a fire.  He is recognized by a servant girl who identifies him as a follower of Jesus, but when confronted, he denies that he knows Jesus.  Later, someone else says that he was with Jesus…but this time he says he is not the man.  About an hour later another man says that he was with Jesus, “for he is a Galilean, too”.  Peter says he doesn’t now what he is talking about.  Immediately, while he is still speaking a rooster crowed.  “And the Lord turned and looked at Peter…” (:61).  Peter must have seen Jesus when He looked at him because it reminded him that Jesus had told him that he would deny Him three times before the rooster crowed.  He quickly left and wept bitterly.


Luke 22:63-65               Friday: Jesus Beaten by the Guards

Luke 22:63-65-Those holding Jesus began to beat Him.  They mocked Him as a prophet by blindfolding Him and then telling Him to identify which one of them had hit Him.  They were saying many foul, false things about Him…it was blasphemous.


“to blaspheme, rail at or revile,” is used

(a) in a general way, of any contumelious speech, reviling, calumniating, railing at, etc., as of those who railed at Christ, e.g., Mat 27:39; Mar 15:29; Luk 22:65 (RV, “reviling”); Luk 23:39;

(b) of those who speak contemptuously of God or of sacred things, e.g., Mat 9:3; Mar 3:28; Rom 2:24; 1Ti 1:20; 6:1; Rev 13:6; 16:9, 11, 21; “hath spoken blasphemy,” Mat 26:65; “rail at,” 2Pe 2:10; Jud 1:8, 10; “railing,” 2Pe 2:12; “slanderously reported,” Rom 3:8; “be evil spoken of,” Rom 14:16; 1Cr 10:30; 2Pe 2:2; “speak evil of,” Tts 3:2; 1Pe 4:4; “being defamed,” 1Cr 4:13. The verb (in the present participial form) is translated “blasphemers” in Act 19:37; in Mar 2:7, “blasphemeth,” RV, for AV, “speaketh blasphemies.”, Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


Luke 22:66-71               Friday: Jesus Tried by the Sanhedrin

Luke 22:66-71-It is Friday morning.  Jesus is brought before the Sanhedrin for questioning.


For information on the Sanhedrin see:


For a timeline of the trials of Jesus, their illegality, and additional materials see:


They ask Him if He is the Christ…He refuses to answer because He says that they will not believe.  But, He says that from now on He will be seated at the right hand of the power of God.  They ask, “Are You the Son of God, then?”  He responds, “Yes, I am.”  They agree that they don’t need testimony from anyone else because Jesus has just incriminated Himself.

Prayer: Lord, it is so easy to judge Peter for his failure…as I sit here comfortably in my home, without any threat, intimidation, or persecution.  I pray for my brothers and sisters around the world, today…who are being persecuted for their faith.  Give them strength, and faith, and hope.  Please give them love even for those who pursue them.  And Lord, please help me to be faithful in the midst of my comfort.  Sometimes my comfort deceives me into thinking that all is well and that I am being faithful…when in reality, I am accommodating myself to my surroundings and in so doing I am denying Jesus in a manner similar to what Peter did.  It’s just not as obvious.

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