May 1 – Thoughts About God For My Grandkids

May 1


Bible Reading: Luke 22:54-71


Topic Summary:


When you are uncertain about what to do.  Trust in God’s knowledge and wisdom.  In fact, if what you think you need to do is different from what the Bible says to do…trust in God’s knowledge and wisdom.  Believe me…it’s the best way.


Thoughts about God for My Grandkids:


Now, this is a little embarrassing to admit.  But don’t’ judge me (at least not yet) until you have heard the whole story.  Then you can go ahead and judge me.

Not long ago, I paid a man to do some work for me.  It wasn’t cheap…but I needed the work done.  When he was through I checked it out and guess what?  It wasn’t done right.  Nope.  In fact, in the process of fixing what I had told him to repair…he had caused another problem.  So, I pointed out that what he had done was not right and that there was another problem.  “Oh,” he said, “you mean you want that done.”  “Well, yeah.  That’s what I told you the first time.”  “You really weren’t clear about wanting that done.  That’s going to cost a few more dollars.  And you should really thank me for finding the new problem.”  “A few more dollars?  Thank him!”  I paid him the money.  I just wanted the job to get done…and done right.  Finally, he finished and I came to inspect the work.  Do I even need to continue with the story?  You’re probably way ahead of me…and you’re right.  It still was not done right.  You’ve heard that old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  Well, shame on me.  One thing for sure…he was not going to fool me a third time.  I was not about to pay him, again.  I pointed out to him that it still was not done right and that I fully expected him to finish the job.  Finally, I came to inspect the work…for the third time.  I couldn’t believe it.  This was just not possible!  It still was not properly repaired.  Now, this is where it gets a little embarrassing.  I got real, real upset.  I was ticked off.  I was through with this guy.  I had had it…up to here!  Do you get the picture?  So, I started to go find him and tell him just what I thought about him, about his work, and about…well, anything else that I could think of…maybe his dog…I didn’t know…it didn’t matter at that point.  Just as I left to find him I got a text message.  It said, “An arrest warrant has been put out on your name.  Call this number immediately.”  It was followed by a telephone number.  I stopped dead in my tracks and read it, again.  And then, just to make sure I had read it correctly the first two times…I read it a third time.  An arrest warrant?  For me?  This is where it gets even more embarrassing.  My first thought was, “But God, I haven’t even done anything to him, yet!”  That was real spiritual, wasn’t it?  You see, I had been thinking about all the things that I was going to say to him…and they were not very uplifting and encouraging things.  Not the kind of things that a Christian should say to someone…much less a Pastor.  And, in my mind, I had even thought of a few things that I would like to do to him…even though I knew that I would never actually do them…but somehow, just thinking about doing them seemed to make me feel better (another low point in my spiritual life).  And at that moment, that very moment…I get this text message.  What was I supposed to do?  What if there really was an arrest warrant out for me?  Well, first I called Patty and told her.  “Whaaat?”  Her first response was about the same as mine.  I told her not to worry.  I would check it out and then call her back.  My second phone call was to a friend of mine who is a Police Detective.  I told him my story…and he busted out laughing.  I said, “This isn’t funny.”  “Oh, yeah it is!  Ha, ha, ha, ha…”  Then, he told me to not worry.  It was a scam that was going around.  There was no arrest warrant.  I thanked him.  I think he heard me…but I’m not sure.  He was still laughing when I hung up.  I called Patty back and told her that I would be home for supper…and that she wouldn’t have to visit me in jail.

I don’t know.  It was just strange.  A coincidence?  The arrest warrant was a scam.  But the timing was just…well, it was like God knew that I had a bad attitude and decided to teach me a lesson.  It worked.  I asked Him to forgive me.  Oh, and I had someone else finish the job.  Of course, I had to pay him to do what I had already paid the first guy to do.  Ooops, there goes my attitude, again.  “Sorry, Lord.”


Do you remember what happened with Peter after they arrested Jesus?  The authorities took Jesus to the house of the high priest.  Peter followed them there and slipped into the courtyard.  There were a number of people standing around watching what was going on.  Jesus had told Peter that he would deny knowing Him three times before the rooster crowed the next morning.  And sure enough…that is exactly what happened.  Three times.  Not one.  Not two.  Not four.  Three.  Before the rooster crows.  Not after.  And, it happened exactly like Jesus had said it would happen.

How did Jesus know?  Because He is God.  God in the flesh.  God became a human being in Jesus.  And when He did so…He didn’t give up being God.  And get this…God knows everything.  Every…thing.  God not only knows everything that has ever happened in the past…but, He already knows everything that will ever happen in the future.  So, Jesus (God) knew that Peter would deny Him…three times…before the rooster crowed.

Think about that.  If God knows everything that is going to happen…in the future…in your future…do think that it might be a good idea to trust Him when He tells you to do something?  Well, yeah!  Remember, He loves you.  He loves you so much that He sent His own Son, Jesus, to pay the price for your sin by dying on the cross.  Do you think that there is anything that God values more than His own Son?  No.  So, if God has already given His Son to die for you…is there anything of more value that He would ever not give you?  No.  So, when God tells you to do something…not only does He know what the best and right thing is for you to do…because He knows the future…but, He will always do the very best thing for you because of His absolute, complete, and total love.

God knows.  He knows everything that lies ahead in your life.  Trust Him.  Whatever you go through…whatever difficulties, whatever challenges, whatever heartaches…God already knows what to do about it.  Trust Him.  And don’t be surprised…if you get off-track, or your attitude is bad…if He does something to get your attention.  In fact, if I was you, I’d keep my eyes wide open.  You never can tell how God may speak to you.  Even through an arrest warrant!  A fake one…of course.


Love you more than bunches and bunches,



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