Read Thru The New Testament – March 26

March 26


Luke 5:1-16


The Initial Reception of the Son of Man, cont’d.         Luke 4:31-9:50       

Luke 5:1-11                    He Calls His Disciples


Luke 5:1-11-Jesus teaches from the seashore of Galilee.  Afterwards He got into a boat that belonged to Simon and told him to push out and try fishing one more time.  Simon tells Him that they had fished all night long and caught nothing, but at His instruction they will try one more time.  This time, they filled their boat and another boat, belonging to James and John, with so many fish that they were about to sink.  Simon realizes that Jesus is someone unique, and holy.  He says, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord!”.  James and John were his business partners.  Jesus then tells them, “Do not fear, from now on you will be catching men.”  When they reached shore…they began to follow Jesus as their Master (they were His disciples).


For an interesting illustration of how a disciple was to follow the Master see:


Luke 5:12-16                 He Heals a Leper

Luke 5:12-14-A man with leprosy approaches Jesus, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.”  Jesus “touched” him…and made him clean.  He then instructs him to follow the Mosaic law concerning cleansing from leprosy (cf. February 17, Mark 1:23-45).

Luke 5:15-16-The crowds were growing increasingly larger.  They wanted to hear Him and to be healed.  However, He would often go away by Himself into the wilderness to pray (cf. 4:42; 9:18,28; 11:1).

Prayer: Father, I am weak.  I want my life to show the evidence of Your power.  When I preach…I want to sense the overwhelming evidence and authority of Your Holy Spirit moving upon the people.  Please help me.  I don’t want to draw attention, or praise to myself.  I want You to be honored…and I want people’s lives to be changed by You.  Please, Lord…anoint me with Your power as I proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom.  Move in conviction, and authority, and power as Your Word is preached.  Help us all to recognize and to know and to submit to Your presence and glory…in our worship services.  Lord, Peter and his partners caught so many fish that their boats began to sink.  Then you told Peter that from then on they would be “fishers of men”.  Please Lord…as “fishers of men” help us to catch so many fish (men) that our boats begin to sink and we cry out in praise to You!


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