Read Thru The New Testament – March 20

March 20


Luke 1:57-80


The Arrival of the Son of Man, cont’d.                           Luke 1:5-2:38         

Luke 1:57-80                 The Birth of John the Baptist

Luke 1:57-58-Elizabeth gives birth to John.

Luke 1:59-They brought John to be circumcised.


For information on the Jewish practice of circumcision see:


Luke 1:60-80-Zacharias, filled with the Holy Spirit, pronounces a blessing on John (his name means: God is gracious)…predicting the type of prophetic ministry he would have and that He would proceed the coming of the Messiah (:76-79).

Prayer: Lord, both Elizabeth (:41) and Zacharias (:67) were filled with Your Holy Spirit and were responsive to You.  Please help me to be so.  Let Your Holy Spirit fill me, completely.  I give myself to You.  Please use me for Your Kingdom and to bring glory to Your name!

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