February 26 – Thoughts About God For My Grandkids

February 26


Bible Reading: Mark 6:33-56


Topic Summary:


Once again, it had been a very busy week for Jesus and His disciples.  That day, they had fed 5,000 men (and their families).  While Jesus miraculously provided the food…the disciples were given responsibility for its distribution and for gathering up the leftovers, afterwards.  By the time late afternoon arrived, they were all exhausted.  Finally, Jesus told the disciples to get into a boat and go across the Sea of Galilee to the other side. He told them that He would catch up with them, later.  Jesus sent the crowd home, then, He went to an isolated place on the mountain where He could be alone to pray.  Later that night, He saw the disciples in the distance rowing the boat out in the middle of the Sea.  There was a stiff wind blowing into their face and they were having a difficult time making any headway.  Jesus walked down the mountain…and started walking on the water across the Sea.  When He got close enough for the disciples to see Him they thought He was a ghost (the Greek word is the one from which we get the English word “phantom”) and they screamed out in terror.  Jesus got into the boat and told them to not be afraid, but to take courage.  Mark then makes an interesting observation.  Evidently, Jesus felt that they should not have been so surprised to see Him walking on the water.  Why not?  Because after having seen Him perform the miracle of multiplying the fish and loaves…they should have come to a greater realization of Who He is.  But, they had not come to that new understanding.  They had been impressed with the miracle, but not with the man.  The miracles that Jesus performed were not intended to be seen as isolated events concerning what He could do at that moment.  But, they were intended to be evidence of Who He is.  They should not simply think that because He did that miracle once, He could do that miracle, again, and stop at that.  No, the purpose of the miracles was to bring them to a realization of Who He is.  They should not just see the miracle.  But, they should see the man behind the miracle.  When they understand Who He is…then they would also gain understanding that His power is available in any situation.


Thoughts about God for My Grandkids:


Do you remember the movie: The Wizard of Oz?  Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Lion are in the Emerald City.  They have gone to the Palace to meet the Wizard.  They go into a large room and are told that he is not available by a huge green figure of a man’s head that looks like an alien.  It looms threateningly in front of them in the middle of flames of fire, and smoke, and lightning…and speaks loudly with an angry voice.  Toto wanders over to a curtain and pulls it back.  Behind the curtain is a small, older gentleman.  He is frantically pulling levers and pushing buttons and shouting into a microphone.  Suddenly, he turns around and sees them looking at him.

He yells into the microphone, ”Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

Dorothy asks, “Who are you?”

Again, he yells into the microphone, “I am the great and powerful Wizard of Oz.”

Dorothy says, “You are!  I don’t believe you.”

The Wizard says, “Well, I’m afraid it’s true.  There’s no other wizard, except me.”

The Wizard wanted people to be afraid of him because he thought that if they ever saw him for what he was…they would no longer believe in him.


Jesus was just the opposite.  All through the Old Testament the prophets told exactly what Jesus was going to be like.  The reason was that so when He finally came…people would be able to easily recognize Him.  Then when He arrived, He performed many wonderful miracles.  These miracles were not intended to just entertain people and to bring attention to themselves.  No.  The miracles were intended to demonstrate Who Jesus is.  When we understand Who Jesus is…the situation doesn’t matter.  No matter how the situation changes…Jesus is the same.  His ability is not changed by the situation.  But, the situation is changed by His ability.

Read your Bible and you will discover Jesus.  The more you know about Him…the more you will trust Him.  And you will realize that no matter what situation you find yourself in…He has the ability to change it.  Trust Him.  Pull back the curtain.  There is no other Savior, but Him.


Don’t put limits on what Jesus can do.


Love you more than bunches and bunches,


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