February 24 – Thoughts About God For My Grandkids

February 24


Bible Reading: Mark 5:21-43


Topic Summary:


Could it be that we expect too little from God?  In this passage a woman came to Jesus looking for too little.  But Jesus was aware of everything that she needed…He’s always aware.  And He didn’t disappoint.  He gave her more than she expected.  He’ll do the same for you, as well.


Thoughts about God for My Grandkids:


Have you ever seen one of those images that is made up of nothing but dots?  You’re supposed to stare at the dots from a certain distance and try to look at the back of the image…and eventually your mind begins to recognize the arrangement of the dots and behold…a picture!  You see the picture that is hidden in the dots.  That picture is called an “autostereogram”.  Then you think, “How did I miss that?  Why didn’t I see that the first time I looked at it?”  After that, every time you look at the dots…there’s the picture.

It all starts with your eye.  Your eye is an amazing organ.  On the front of your eyeball is a clear material called the cornea.  Inside your eyeball is the lense.  These two parts work together like two lenses on a camera, or telescope…moving back and forth to bring what is being looked at into focus.  Between them is the pupil.  The pupil is the black part in the middle of your eye that gets bigger, or smaller.  It is kind of like a window shade.  It opens and closes to let in just the right amount of light.  Light reflecting off of an object goes through the cornea, the amount of light let in is adjusted by the pupil, the lens adjusts to bring it into focus…and then it lands on the retina at the back of the eyeball.  The retina works like a digital camera.  It collects the light into an image…and then converts it into electronic signals.  These signals then travel along the optic nerve to the brain.  And ta-da…you can see.  Simple…huh?  Not really.  More like…amazing.  Think about how many things you are seeing…right now.  And you do this all day long.  Continuously.  Hey, you’re pretty amazing.

But it doesn’t stop with the eyeball…it continues in the brain.  If you disconnect the eyeball from the brain…you see nothing.  The brain puts it all together and identifies what it is that you are seeing.  But guess what…there are some people who have had a brain injury…who can see something with their eye…the brain receives the information…but they cannot tell what it is that they are seeing.  Imagine…you see something on a table…you see it perfectly clear…you can tell what shape it is…how tall it is…what color it is.  But, you don’t know what it is.  The person next to you tells you that it is a round, red, flower vase, 14 inches tall.  And you think, “Why didn’t I see that?”  It’s because a brain injury has caused what is called, “visual agnosia”.

Some people cannot identify what they are seeing because of a brain injury.  But other people cannot identify what they are seeing because of a heart injury.  Say what???  The Bible says that when we sin…it affects our heart.  When it talks about our heart…it is talking about our ability to see God…

  • to see Him in His creation
  • to see Him in His truth
  • to see Him in His works and miracles.

Their hearts have been damaged by sin…and they don’t see God…even when He is right in front of them.  All they see is dots…they never put them together and realize that they are really a picture of God.  That is the way many people were in the crowds that followed Jesus.  He was performing many wonderful miracles.  Put those miracles together…and you could see God.  But some people never put the miracles together.  They only saw…dots.


There were many people in the crowd that followed Jesus.  Some were already believers…some came with belief that Jesus could heal them…others were just there for the show…the next miracle.

I can’t tell you how much, over the years, I have wanted to be a part of that crowd and to watch Jesus.  I mean watch Him…literally…with my eyes…to be there.  Just to watch Him as…

  • He told parables and taught about His Father;
  • to feel my heart quicken and to gasp for a breath each time He healed a broken limb or raised the dead;
  • to feel the air fill with power when He cast out demons;
  • to see the tears of joy flow down faces when He said, “Your sins are forgiven.”

Just to watch…that would be enough…enough for me.

I can hardly imagine those who were a part of that crowd…who watched…and yet, they didn’t see.  Their eyes were blinded.  All they saw was a spectacle.  All they saw was a traveling circus show.  They didn’t see Jesus…not for Who He was.  They didn’t see with faith.  How sad.

In this passage, we find a woman who was at her wits end…at her money’s end…at her life’s end.  She only had one hope left…Jesus.  Oh, to have been there…just to watch.  To have seen her slip up behind Him…trying to not be noticed…and yet, no one in need goes unnoticed by Jesus.  She touched his robe…healed…immediately…completely…12 years of suffering…healed.  She knew it the moment it happened.  Even when she was healed Jesus could have just kept going.  But no…He noticed her.  There was still something more that needed to be healed.  He wasn’t done, yet.  He stopped…He looked at her…and He said, “Go in peace…”.  For a moment, the world stopped for that woman as that one word echoed over and again, in her mind…”peace”.  She hadn’t had peace for a long time.  Her health had gotten progressively worse and worse…the discomfort, the pain.  No peace.  She had been to doctor after doctor…used all of her money, every penny…and nothing, they’d done nothing to help.  No peace.  And worse of all…the law said that a woman in her condition was “unclean”.  That meant that there was something more going on than just her health problem…there was a spiritual problem, as well.  The suggestion was that she had done something wrong, something very bad, and this was God’s way of judging her.  But what?  She hadn’t done anything wrong.  She would know if she had.  The religious leaders couldn’t identify anything that she had done wrong.  And yet, they declared her “unclean”.  That meant that she was not allowed to participate in worship.  She couldn’t even worship God in the Temple.  They didn’t offer any advice, any solution, any help.  Just judgment…”unclean”.  It echoed through her mind all day long…“unclean”.  That’s what others said about her.

“Peace”, that’s what Jesus said about her.  She had approached Him in fear.  Fear that it wouldn’t work.  Fear that she would be exposed.  Fear that she would die.  That’s what others said about her.  She had approached Him “unclean”.  “Peace”.  That’s what Jesus said about her.  She had felt the healing take place the moment she touched His robe…at that very instant.  And now…at the moment that He spoke…she felt peace take place…at the very instant.  And she realized that not only was she healed in her body, but she was healed in her heart, as well.  “Peace.”  I wish I could have been there…just to watch.

Jesus knows everything we need.  When we pray…when we touch His robe…we have faith that He will hear what we say and answer.  And He does.  But, He does so much more.  Not only does He respond to the things that we know about…He also responds to the things that He knows about.  Things that we aren’t even aware of.  So, right now, pray.  Tell Jesus everything that is on your heart.  Ask Him to help.  Trust Him.  And then…listen…because there may be some things that you need help with…that you’re not even aware of.  He’s ready to help.  And when He does…put the dots together…don’t miss Him.  You will see God at work…in your life.  And once you see Him…you’ll begin to see Him at work all over the place.  And you’ll wonder, “Why didn’t I see that, before?”  God is at work…right now…in your life.  Do you see Him?  Now, that is pretty amazing!


Love you more than bunches and bunches,



One thought on “February 24 – Thoughts About God For My Grandkids

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  1. Jim,
    Thank you for sharing this message! I never get tired of bored during your sermons/teachings. You have such an amazing gift that God has provided. We are so blessed and thankful that He lead you to ENC, specifically little New Bern!

    Look forward to seeing you Sunday!! Meet ya at Temple, say 10:30?

    In God’s Love,

    Nancy Mayo

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