Read Thru The New Testament – February 10

February 10


Matthew 26:1-19


For a visual presentation of the order of the events that took place during the last week of the life of Jesus consult the following website (A Time Line of the Passion Week):


The Rejection of the King                         Matthew 26:1-27:66

Matthew 26:1-5-The events record here occurred on Wednesday.  Passover (began on Thursday) was the ancient Jewish event that commemorated the deliverance of the Hebrew people from Egypt during the days of Moses (Exod. 12).  It was followed by a seven day festival called the Feast of Unleavened Bread.  While they were two separate events…they were celebrated one immediately after the other and were often referred to together as the Passover.  Jesus makes it absolutely clear that He is about to be turned over to the Jewish authorities and crucified.  The authorities were already plotting their scheme and decided to wait until after Passover out of fear of the people rioting.  Caiaphas was the high priest (from A.D. 18-36, he was the son-in-law of Annas).

Matthew 26:6-13-Jesus is staying in the home of Simon the leper (we know nothing else of him) in Bethany.  A woman brings a vial of very expensive perfume and pours it over Jesus’ head.  Mark (14:5) says it was worth 300 denarii…approximate to a year’s salary for a rural worker (Ryrie).  John identifies this woman as Mary (12:3).  She evidently believed what Jesus had said about His upcoming death and burial…and was preparing Him for it.  The disciples thought that it was a waste of money that could have been used to feed the poor.  Jesus’ response is not to be taken as being callous or unconcerned about the poor.  In fact, He says that they will always have ample opportunities to help them.  But, they will never again have the opportunity to do what she has just done for Him…she is preparing Him for burial.  This woman will be remembered for what she has done as long as the gospel is preached.

Matthew 26:14-16-Could this have been the final breaking point for Judas…what he thought to be the wastefulness of something so valuable?  He now goes to the chief priests and cuts a deal to turn Jesus over to them for “30 pieces of silver” (The specific value of the coinage is not given.  If it was a denarius it was worth about five week’s of wages, but it could have been worth much more.).

Matthew 26:17-19-Jesus directs the disciples to go to Jerusalem and find a man that He identifies for them.  They are to tell him that Jesus wants to use his home as a place to celebrate the Passover with His disciples.

Prayer:  Lord, help me to see the real significance and value and meaning of life and the things that we have.  Help me to be like Mary…and not like Judas.  Help me to understand what You are saying (and keep me from being so caught up in the material world, in the flesh) and to see Your meaning and truth for my life.  Lord, sometimes it is easy to be caught up in the traffic and the flow of life…to be moving so quickly and to have so much going on…that I fear that I may completely miss something that You are trying to show me.  It isn’t that I am intentionally ignoring You.  It’s just that life seems to be so demanding and immediate that I get caught up in it…busy, trying to do the right thing, taking care of business…and without realizing it I have slipped away from You.  Please forgive me, Lord.  Draw me back, close to You.


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