February 8 – Thoughts About God For My Grandkids

February 8


Bible Reading: Matthew 25:1-30


Topic Summary:


We don’t know when Jesus will return.  So, we should always be ready…using everything he has given us, faithfully serving Him and His Kingdom…until He arrives.


Thoughts about God for My Grandkids:


Finish these sayings…

  1. Out of sight, out of _______.
  2. When the cat’s away, the mice will _______.

(answers: 1.-mind; 2.-play)

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) was one of the founding fathers of America.  He was one of the five men who wrote the draft for the American Declaration of Independence.  He was a signer of both the Declaration and the Constitution.  He was an industrious, hard working person who had many skills and interests, such as: author, printer, newspaper editor, college president, politician, postmaster, scientist, inventor, military, humorist, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat.  He invented the lightning rod (he was the one who flew a kite into a storm to collect electricity), bifocals (for glasses), and other useful items.  He developed theories that dealt with population studies, ocean currents, wave theory of light, and refrigeration.  He played the violin and was an expert at chess.  He traveled extensively all over America and Europe.  Wow, makes me tired just thinking about all that he did.  He was a very active man.  Between 1732 and 1758, he wrote several booklets titled, the “Poor Richard Almanack”.  He had learned the benefit of working hard and in these booklets he included many short sayings that encouraged other people to work hard, as well.  Here are a few…

  • There are no gains without pains.
  • Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
  • Plough deep while sluggards sleep and you shall have corn to sell and to keep.
  • Have you something to do tomorrow? Do it today.


Jesus once told a parable about hard work and how it applies to the Kingdom of Heaven.  It was about a man who was going on a long trip who owned a large farm.  Before leaving on his trip, he gathered together the men who managed the farm for him and carefully explained to each of them what they were responsible for while he was gone.  One man had a lot of responsibilities.  Another man had several responsibilities…but not as many as the first man.  And the third man only had one thing he was responsible for.  The owner knew how much each man could handle…so he was careful to not give them too much.  Before the farm owner left on his trip, one of his managers asked him how long he would be gone.  He told them that he didn’t know.  But, they were responsible to continue doing what he had told them to do, until he returned.  Then the man left on his trip.  The first man immediately went to work.  He carefully managed his responsibilities.  The second man did the same thing.  But the third man was in no hurry.  He thought, “Who knows how long the owner will be gone.  I’ve got plenty of time.  I’m just going to relax for a while.”  The owner was gone for a long time.  But one day, when no one was expecting it…he returned.  The very next day he called a meeting of his managers and asked them to give a report on what they had been doing.  The first man was excited.  He had worked hard the entire time the owner had been gone and had made a lot of money for him.  When he gave his report, the owner was very, very pleased…and told the man that he had a big bonus coming and a promotion in the company.  The second man was also excited.  He presented his report to the landowner.  Again, the owner was very, very pleased…and told him that just like with the first man, he also had a big bonus coming and a promotion in the company.  Oh, the landowner was very proud of the job the first two men had done.  And now, he was expecting the same thing from the third man.  But the third man didn’t have a good report to give.  You see, he never really got around to doing what he had been told to do.  He always meant to do it.  He had good intentions.  He always thought that he would start the next day.  But he just never got around to it.  And now, the landowner was back…and he had nothing good to report.  So, when it came time for him to give a report…he accused the landowner of expecting too much from him.  He said that the landowner was unfair.  In fact, it was the landowner’s fault because he made the manager so afraid…that he was paralyzed with fear and could do nothing.  The landowner was not happy…not at all.  Not only had the man not done what he had been instructed to do…but now, he was blaming the landowner for his own failure.  The landowner wasn’t about to take that lying down.  No, indeed.  He told the man that at the very least…if he couldn’t do the job…he should have found someone else to do it for him.  And now, not only was he not going to get paid…he was also going to lose his job.

How does this parable apply to Heaven?  Well, we’re not there, yet.  We will go to Heaven, one day.  But in the meantime…God has left us here, on earth…to manage His Kingdom’s work, here on earth.  He gives each of us a responsibility in His work…something that He expects us to do.  He doesn’t give us too much, more than what we are able to do.  He knows each of us and He knows exactly what we can do.  So, He gives us an assignment, a responsibility…and He expects us to be hard at work here on earth…until we go to Heaven.

How are you doing?  Are you like the first two men who worked hard and were productive?  When the landowner returned he was pleased with what they had done and richly rewarded them.  Or, are you like the third man…always putting it off…never quite getting around to doing what the landowner had told him to do…you’ve got a million excuses?  Remember, the third man completely missed out on the reward that the landowner had in store for him.

Why is your work for the Kingdom of Heaven so important?  Because what I do has an effect on what another person does that has an effect on what another person does that has and effect on…  You see…we all work together.  And if you don’t do your part…then the work of God’s Kingdom suffers.  You are an important part of the work of God’s Kingdom, here on earth.  Are you doing your part?  Are you helping others?  Oh, and by the way, don’t forget that God has incredible blessings and rewards in store for those who are faithful.  Now, let’s go to work for the Kingdom!


Love you more than bunches and bunches,



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