Read Thru The New Testament – February 7

February 7

Matthew 24:23-51

The Predictions of the King                     Matthew 24:1-25:46, cont’d.

Matthew 24:23-28-Strange enough, there will be many false Christ’s and false prophets on the scene during this time.  People who claim to have the answer for all that is happening…even performing miracles that seem to substantiate their claims.  But pay no attention to them.  There will be no mistaking it when Jesus returns…He will not rise up from among the people of the earth, but He will descend in His glory and power from Heaven.

Matthew 24:29-25:30-Jesus now answers the first half of the disciples’ question: “what will be the sign of Your coming” (24:3).

The Sign of His Coming (24:29-31)

This refers to the end of the 7 years of Tribulation…His second coming (return) to the earth.  There will be an astral sign that will announce His coming (cf. Isa. 13:9-10; Joel 2:31; 3:15).  He will literally, visibly come back (Rev. 1:7).  At this point, all those who are believers on the earth will be gathered to Him.

The Illustration of His Coming (24:32-35)

Matthew 24:32-35-The parable of the fig tree.

Jesus tells a parable about a fig tree to illustrate that in the same way that the fig tree shows signs that tell you that summer is near, these signs tell us that His coming is near.  The words, “this generation” are obviously not speaking of the people that Jesus was addressing that day (the disciples).  It could be speaking of the Jewish race (the word “generation” can mean “people, family, or race”); or, it could be speaking of those that would actually see those signs in the future, during the end of the Tribulation (the generation that will be alive during the Tribulation period…again this would be speaking of the immanence of His coming and the rapid conclusion of the events that would then transpire).  Jesus then tells His disciples that no matter what may happen in the near future (specifically referring to His crucifixion)…nothing would change concerning what He is telling them about the future.  Everything else may change…it may appear that the world has fallen apart (because they do not yet understand all that He is teaching them).  But God’s Word is absolute, final, conclusive, and unchangeable.  Ultimately, history will unfold exactly as He had told them it would.

Six Admonitions on How We Should Live Based on His Coming (24:36-25:30)

Here Jesus refers back to the time of His coming that disciples had asked about (24:3).  Again, He does not give any specific date.  In fact, He says that no one but the Father knows the date (24:36,42; 25:13).  However, He does give 6 admonitions concerning how we are to live a life of preparedness, and of readiness for the time of His coming.  Always be ready for His coming.

1.-Matthew 24:36-39-Don’t allow the pleasures of the world to distract you.

2.-Matthew 24:40-41-Don’t allow the daily routines (the regimen and requirements) of life to distract you.

3.-Matthew 24:42-44-Don’t allow the uncertainty of the time of His coming to distract you.

4.-Matthew 24:45-51-Don’t allow the lengthy delay of His coming to distract you.

Prayer:  Lord, help me to offer my life daily as a living sacrifice to You…always ready for Your coming.

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