Read Thru The New Testament – February 1

February 1

Matthew 21:23-46

The Preparation of the King                    Matthew 21:1-23:39, cont’d.

Matthew 21:23-27-The chief priests and elders want to know what “authority” gave Him the right to throw out the money changers in the Temple.  He refused to tell them…knowing that if He did so it would incite them further.  Instead, He said that He would respond to their question if they would first answer a question of His.  He used the popularity of John the Baptist with the common people to divert the attention from Himself, to them.

Matthew 21:28-32-Jesus tells a parable about two sons…at first, one was disobedient and the other obedient, then both changed their minds…the words “regretted” (:30) and “remorse” (:32) are the same Greek word…Jesus says that those who repent when they hear the message of salvation will enter into the “kingdom of God”.  He applies the message to the Pharisees…saying that because they have had no remorse over their sin they will not go to Heaven.

Matthew 21:33-46-Jesus tells a parable about a landowner who built a vineyard and rented it out to vine-growers.  When the harvest time came the landowner sent people to collect the produce, but the renters beat and killed each person he sent.  This parable is about Israel and the prophets.  God has sent many and yet they have not responded, therefore they will be judged.  Also, because of their rejection, the kingdom will be offered to others (Gentiles).  It is a parable about the Pharisees (Israel)…that says that the kingdom of God is not exclusively in their hands, their control…it will be taken from them and given to the church (1 Peter 2:9).  They understood this and it angered them.  Had it not been that the people thought that Jesus was a prophet they would have arrested Him, at that moment.

Prayer:  Lord, thank You for Jesus, my High Priest…who always carries my burdens on His shoulders, has my name on His heart, and makes my life acceptable to You as a living sacrifice.

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