January 31 – Thoughts About God For My Grandkids

Read thru the New Testament 2018

Thoughts about God for My Grandkids

January 31

Bible Reading: Matthew 21:1-22 


Topic Summary:

I’ve heard it many times…”God can’t use me.”

  • Sometimes it comes from a person who just doesn’t think that they have any ability, or skill, that God could use.
  • Sometimes it comes from a person who had been involved in immoral behavior before being saved.
  • Sometimes it comes from a person who, while they were growing up, were told that they were no good, or from the wrong kind of people.

There are many other reasons.  Take your pick.  But some people have become convinced that while they have accepted Jesus as their Savior and have been saved…that’s about the end of their story.  They have nothing to offer God.

This passage is about a fig tree.  During the time of year that Jesus passed by it there should have been both leaves and figs on it.  But, instead there were just leaves.  No figs.  Jesus pronounced a curse on the tree.  Point: the fig tree had been created to produce figs.  If there are no figs…it is not fulfilling its purpose.  Application: we have been created to serve God…not just take up space and complain that we have nothing to offer.  If we are not serving God…we are not fulfilling our purpose.  And, as someone has colloquially said, “God don’t make no junk.”  God made us.  And if God made us…then He knows what we are like and He knows how He intends for us to serve Him.  So, that means that the problem is not that we can’t serve God.  The problem is that we won’t serve God.  As someone else has said, “God doesn’t need our ability…just our availability.”  God’s got all the ability that you will ever need and He offers it to you when you are available to Him.  Make yourself available to God…and there is no telling what He will do through you.


Thoughts about God for My Grandkids:


Late one night, Tangie Griffin heard a scream coming from the bedroom of her four-year-old twin boys…Shaquem and Shaquill.  She jumped out of bed and ran towards their room.  When she got there, Shaquem ran past her towards the kitchen.  She turned and ran after him.  When she got to the kitchen, Shaquem had a large knife and was about to cut his fingers off.  Just in time she stopped him.  What?  Let me explain.

Before Shaquem was born, while he was still inside of his mother, doctors performed a test and discovered that there was something wrong with his left hand.  As a result, when he was born, his left hand was shriveled up and was very, very sensitive to touch.  That night, as many times before, Shaquem had accidentally hit his hand and it caused really bad, intense pain.  He was just a little boy…but he didn’t think that he could take it any more.  And now, he was going to cut it off.

Tangie was a nurse.  They met with a doctor that she knew and decided to remove Shaquem’s hand.  After the surgery, all that was left was a nub below the wrist.

Did I tell you that this little guy loved football?  He wanted to play football more than anything else.  He wanted to play football all of the time.  But that would have to stop, now.  After all…how could a kid with only one hand play football, right?  Well, don’t tell Shaquem that.  He was going to play football…no matter what anyone said.  And he did.  In fact, he played so well that he was a star player in High School.  With only one hand.  And now, in college, as the starting strongside linebacker for the University of Central Florida Knights, he has recovered two fumbles, intercepted a pass, and last year (2016) was voted defensive player of the year for the American Athletic Conference.  He did all of that…and only has one hand.

Don’t tell Shaquem that he cannot play football.  He can.  He is.  He doesn’t say that he cannot do it because other players have two hands, and he doesn’t.  Nope.  He takes what he’s got…and he uses it the best he can.  No excuses.


Jesus was walking down a road and became hungry.  As He walked along, He came to a fig tree covered in leaves.  He reached up to pluck a fig off of the tree.  He looked…and looked…but there were no figs.  At that time of the year, when the tree was covered with green leaves, there should have been figs on the tree.  But there were none.  Only leaves.  It had the sunlight, and water, and nutrients that it needed to produce fruit.  But, it wasn’t doing so.  Jesus cursed the tree.  That means that He said that it was useless.  It wasn’t doing what God had made it to do.

Sometimes people are like that fig tree.  God has given them everything that they need to serve Him…but they don’t.  They make excuses for not serving God.

  • Maybe they say that they don’t have the skills or abilities that other people have.
  • Maybe they feel that they’ve done something so bad…that God could never use them.
  • Maybe they don’t think that they’re the kind of person that God could use.

But stop and think about it, for a moment.

  • God made them, right?
  • God knows everything about them, right?
  • God loves them, right?

Do you think that God would ever ask them to do something that…

  • He didn’t make them able to do…
  • He doesn’t think that they could do…
  • or, that would be an unloving thing for Him to ask them to do?


You see, the problem is not that we cannot serve God.  The problem is that we will not serve God.  We give all of kinds of excuses for why we will not.  But they are only excuses.  They don’t really mean anything.

Here’s why.  God gives us all of the abilities, and skills, and tools, and knowledge, and…well everything…that we need to do what He wants us to do.  And get this…no two of us are just alike.  Each of us is unique.  There is no one else just like you and you are just like no one else.  God wants you to serve Him as only you can, and nobody else can.  No wonder you can’t do what another person is doing.  You’re not supposed to.  God didn’t make you that way.  You’re supposed to do what only you can do.  That’s the way He made you.  And guess what…no one else can do what you can do like you can do it.  You are unique.  God made you that way.  So…don’t be controlled by what you think you can’t do.  Instead…be controlled by what God thinks He can do through you.

Now go.  Find out how God has made you.  Serve Him and put some fruit on those branches.


Love you more than bunches and bunches,




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