January 23 – Thoughts About God For My Grandkids

Read thru the New Testament 2018

Thoughts about God for My Grandkids

January 23

Bible Reading: Matthew 16


Topic Summary:

We tend to limit what God can do in our lives to the things that we have personally and previously experienced.  When some new challenge, some different situation comes along that we have never faced…we throw up our hands in disbelief and act like we have no idea of God’s power.  Our experience of God’s power should be transferable…from one situation, to the next.  Each experience should not be a stand-alone experience.  But a time when we learn about God’s power…and are then ready to apply that power to the next situation.


Thoughts about God for My Grandkids:

I have a friend named Trebor, who is a professional magician.  He doesn’t have some kind of supernatural, or magical ability.  No.  He can just do things in such a way that you think that he is doing one thing…when he is really doing something else.  I’ve watched him many times and he is really good.  I enjoy watching him.  But it’s also fun to watch the people in the audience when he is performing.  I remember one time he had asked a girl about 10-years-old to come up on the stage and to be his assistant.  He showed her a gold fish swimming around in a small bowl.  He put the bowl on a table and covered it up with a handkerchief.  He told her to say the magic words, “Abra kadabra”.  Quickly he pulled away the handkerchief…and the gold fish had disappeared!  There was nothing but water in the bowl.  She stared at the empty bowl.  Her eyes were huge…like they were about to pop out of her head…and her jaw was hanging open.  He thanked her for her help and she started down off the stage.  Then he told her to wait a minute…he had a gift for her for being his assistant.  He handed her a box of goldfish crackers and thanked her.  She started to leave again…and he stopped her.  He said, “Wait a minute.  Let me inspect that box.”  He told her to open up the box of goldfish crackers.  She did so and then handed it to him.  He held the box with his right hand…and handed her the goldfish bowl with his left hand.  Then, he started to pour some of the crackers out of the box into the bowl.  No goldfish crackers came out.  But suddenly…the goldfish did.  The goldfish that had disappeared.  Somehow, the goldfish had gotten out of the goldfish bowl and into the box of goldfish crackers.  If you think her eyes were wide open before…you should have seen them, now!  Somebody said, “Do it again!”  Someone else said, “Yeah, do it, again.”  I’ve heard people say that many, many times.  They aren’t willing to believe that he can do something when they see it the first time…so, they want him to do it, again…and again…and again.


Jesus wasn’t a magician.  He didn’t just fool people.  He really could perform miracles.  He could do things that are not physically, humanly possible.  The reason that He could perform miracles is because He wasn’t just human…He was also, God.  Jesus performed all sorts of real miracles.  He…

  • healed sick people
  • raised the dead back to life
  • cast out evil spirits
  • walked on water
  • multiplied the fishes and the loaves
  • and performed many other miracles.

Jesus pointed out two mistakes that people made about His miracles.  First, they always wanted to see Him perform another one.  The people would say, “Do it again.”  He knew that they were not really interested in the fact that the miracle proved Who He was.  They only wanted to see something that entertained them.  Another, bigger miracle.  “Do it again!”  The second mistake that people made was that they limited His power to performing a miracle to that one area.  They didn’t believe that because He could perform a miracle in this area…that He could also perform a miracle in another area…and another, and another, and another.  They didn’t realize that His miracles showed that He had all power and could do anything…in every area of life.

Why is it important for us to realize that Jesus has power in every area of our life?  Well, when you have a problem with something in your life…you need to remember that Jesus had power to take care of another problem that you had before.  Because, if He could take care of that problem…then He can take care of this problem.  When you believe that Jesus can take care of the problems in your life…that is called faith.

The disciples had not let their faith in one miracle be transferred from that area to another area.  They believed that He had performed the first miracle…but they didn’t learn anything.  They didn’t learn that because He had performed a miracle in an area that they had seen…that He could perform a miracle in an area that they hadn’t seen.  Jesus said that they had little faith…meaning that they only believed that He had power to perform a miracle in the areas that they had seen.  They didn’t have faith to believe that He could perform a miracle in every area.

Jesus said that the most important miracle that He would ever perform would be that He would die, be in the grave for three days, and then come back to life.  That miracle would prove that He was God…and that not only did He have power over life, but He even had power over death.  There is nothing that is more powerful than He is.

What problem are you facing right now?  Remember how Jesus has been able to solve problems in your life and in the lives of other people…at other times.  Let what you learned about Him at that time…give you faith to trust Him this time.

Love you more than bunches and bunches,


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