Read Thru The New Testament – January 11

January 11

Matthew 9:18-38

The Authority of the King                         Matthew 8:1-9:38, cont’d.

Matthew 9:18-19,23-26-His authority over death (a child).

Matthew 9:20-22-His authority over sickness (an older woman with a long existing sickness).

Matthew 9:27-31-His authority over sickness (blindness).  Jesus told them to not tell anyone what had happened.  He had already begun to attract the attention of the Jewish leaders…and He knew what that would ultimately mean.  However, right now, it wasn’t time, yet.  So He tells these men to keep quiet about being healed.  But they just could not hold it in.  Oh, Lord, let me be like these men!  Help me to be so overwhelmed with joy over You that I just cannot hold it in.  It’s so sad that many Christians do not have this joy…and they never share their faith with anyone.  Give them overwhelming joy.

Matthew 9:32-34-His authority over demons (a man who could not speak).  The Pharisees are beginning to get desperate.  They cannot argue with His theology.  They cannot account for His miracles.  So they attack His personality.

Matthew 9:35-Here again we find the summary of the three-fold approach of the ministry of Jesus.  Notice that it is almost a direct restatement of what was said in 4:23

  • “teaching in their synagogues”…discipling people through the teaching of the Word of God
  • “proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom”…evangelizing…proclaiming the good news of salvation to the lost
  • “healing every kind of diseases…”…meeting the physical and emotional needs of people for the glory of God.

In 4:23, Matthew had already previously given us this three-fold approach of the ministry of Jesus.  Then, in chapters 5-7 he identified the principles (Sermon on the Mount) that would be the heart of His ministry.  Next, in chapters 8-9 he gave examples of the power of Jesus that would substantiate the authority for His ministry.  In 9:35, Matthew is showing us that the authority of Jesus which he has just illustrated and authenticated through the numerous incidents of its display (healing, casting out demons, etc.)…is not limited just to what He does, but also extends over into what He teaches and preaches.  Matthew 4:23 and 9:35 are like bookends…they each say the same thing about the ministry of Jesus.  Sandwiched in-between are the principles of His ministry and the authority for His ministry.

Prayer: Lord, please help my life to be sandwiched between Matthew 4:23 and 9:35.  Please help me to live Your teachings in the power of Your authority.  And Lord, help me to be like the formerly blind men…overwhelm me with the joy of Your salvation to such a degree that I am unable to hold it in.

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