January 7 – Thoughts About God For My Grandkids

Read thru the New Testament 2018

Thoughts about God for My Grandkids

January 7

Bible Reading: Matthew 6

Topic Summary:

There are many things that can cause us to worry and be anxious.  In this chapter, Jesus recognizes that fact.  But He tells His disciples two things.  One, worrying never resolves the situation (:27).  That is not the answer.  So, what is the answer?  That’s number two: God…trusting in God.  He reminds them that God is bigger than anything that they will ever have to face.  He gives two illustrations of God’s provision…birds and flowers.  Birds don’t plant crops, care for crops, or harvest crops.  God does it all for them.  He provides everything that they need.  And plants don’t provide for their own clothing.  God clothes them in their beauty…their leaves and petals.  Then He tells them that if God does all of this for things which only have a very short lifespan (:30)…how much more will He do for men, who can live forever.  So, why do they only have a little faith in God?  Because they only believe in a little God.  Their faith is equal to their perception of God.  Jesus’ point is to help them understand that God is huge!  He has all knowledge (He knows beforehand everything that they will ever need, :32), and He has all power (He can do whatever is necessary, :33).  God isn’t that way just because that is what they think about Him.  But, God is that way and that is the way that they should think about Him.  When we know the truth about God…that He is huge, then our faith in Him should be huge.  So, don’t worry.  Have faith in a huge God!


Thoughts about God for My Grandkids:

When we moved to North Carolina I made a friend, named Rob.  Two or three times he asked me if I would like to go fishing with him.  Being from Florida I really enjoy fishing.  But each time there was a good reason why I couldn’t go.  About the third time he asked, I thought that if I kept saying, “No”, then he might stop asking.  So this time I said, “Yes”.  But there was a problem.  Being from Florida…I like it when the trees are green and the temperature is hot.  Cold weather and I don’t mix well.  And on the day that I was supposed to go fishing with Rob it was 19 degrees outside and the wind was blowing around 25 miles per hour.  Brrrr!!!

In Florida, most of my fishing was done in bass boats, or other boats about that size.  Maybe 20-28 feet long.  You would stand next to the console where the driver stood and hold on.  When you hit the waves the water would spray up over the sides and sometimes you would get soaking wet.  But that was okay because the trees were green and the sun was hot.

Rob had told me that we were going fishing off-shore.  That means out in the ocean, in the Atlantic.  Now, I had been off-shore in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico many times before in Florida.  But that is where the trees are green and the sun is hot.  Did I tell you that it was 19 degrees outside?  19 degrees!  25 miles per hour winds!  Double brrrr!!!  I was about to become a human popsicle.

It took me about 35 minutes to drive to the marina that morning.  It was still dark outside and I had the heater in my car set on 175 degrees just trying to stay warm.  I didn’t know which boat was Rob’s so when I got to the marina I got out of my car and looked around.  Didn’t see anyone.  No one in their right mind would be out here in North Pole weather.  Just as I was about to get back into the car a man walked out of the darkness and said, “You’re Jim, right?”  “Yes, I am.”  “Thought so.  I’m going fishing with you and Rob, today.”  “That’s great,” I said.  At least when they find my frozen body I’ll have company.  Just then another man walked by.  The guy I had just met said, “I think that’s the captain.  Let’s follow him to the boat.”  Captain?  Rob has a Captain on his boat?  If the boat is big enough to have a Captain…then it’s probably not as small as I was thinking.  We followed the Captain through the Marina and watched as he stepped onto a boat.  There was Rob.  When he saw us he said, “Hey, guys.  Come on board and let’s get inside where it is warm.”  Inside.  Warm.  I’m not gonna’ die!  Rob’s boat was a 60-foot Hatteras.  That’s as long as a railroad train car.  And it was beautiful.  It had a kitchen, it had a bedroom, it had a bathroom, it had a living room, it even had a TV. But best of all…it had a heater!

I have to tell you, I felt so dumb.  In my mind, I had pictured us busting through the waves in a boat about 25-feet long, wind blowing at gale force, water pouring over the sides as cold as iced tea.  And now, here we were, standing inside drinking a hot cup of coffee and eating donuts.  The first mate (yeah, he had one of those, too) had put out the fishing rods and we were trolling along.  I hadn’t been outside in the cold since I got on the boat.

What had been the cause of my worry and concern?  Well, I didn’t know the truth about the size of the boat.  The boat was only as big as I had imagined it to be in my mind.  So, since in my mind the boat was small…my faith in the boat was also small.  But once I learned the truth about the boat…my faith in the boat exploded!  Big boat…big faith!


Jesus was talking to His disciples, one day.  From what He said there must have been something that had them worrying about money…about how they would buy water, and food, and clothes.  He told them to not worry about those things.  God would provide.  He reminded them that God provides food for the birds and the flowers.  And if God provided everything that birds and flowers needed…then He would certainly provide everything that the disciples needed.  Why?  Because He loves them so much, much more.  Then Jesus explained to them that their real problem was that they only had a little faith in God.  And why did they only have a little faith in God?  Because they didn’t know the whole truth about God.  In their minds…He was only a little God…and could only do little things.  Jesus told them the truth about God.  God knows about everything that we need and when we have faith in Him…He will provide everything that we need.  God can do anything.  He is a big God!  Humongous!  And because He is a big God…you can have a big faith, in Him.  You can trust your life, your entire, whole, everything life…to God.  Now you know the truth about God.  Big God…big faith in God.


Love you more than bunches and bunches,


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