January 4 – Thoughts About God For My Grandkids

Read thru the New Testament 2018

Thoughts about God for My Grandkids

January 4

Bible Reading: Matthew 4

Topic Summary:

Three times Satan tempted Jesus to act independently of God, the Father.  Each time Jesus responded by quoting a passage from the Bible.  That should be our response, as well.  To do so we must know what the Bible says and means.


Thoughts about God for My Grandkids:

I’m a big football fan, especially college football.  It can be crazy at the games.  There are thousands of students for both teams in the stands that are acting like wild people…screaming and yelling as loud as they can.  There is a band playing.  There are cheerleaders turning flips and leading in cheers.  There are players on the sidelines giving high-fives.  And in the middle of it all…there are two teams out on the field trying to play the game.  With all that is going on around them it can be very difficult for the players to stay focused and do what they are supposed to do.  It can be very confusing.

One time, there was a game in which the quarterback dropped the ball and a player on the other team picked it up.  He knew exactly what to do.  He ran as fast as he could down the field towards the goal line.  Players on the other team were chasing him and trying to tackle him.  But he ran, and ran, and finally crossed the goal line.  Touchdown!  But there was a problem.  He had run the wrong direction.  He had crossed the wrong goal line!  When the quarterback had dropped the ball there had been a mad rush for it.  Players on both teams were pushing and shoving to get it.  And between all of those big bodies fighting for the ball and all the noise coming from the crowd…when he got the ball, in the midst of all the confusion, he got turned around and ran the wrong way.

Sometimes life can be very confusing.  There are so many decisions to make.  We think about it and decide to do this.  But we think about it again, and decide to do something else.  We ask a friend what they think we should do and they say one thing.  Another friend says something different.  Before we know it, we get all turned around and take off running without really knowing if we’re running in the right direction…if what we are doing is the right thing, or not.  But you’ve got to do something.  So you just take off running!

God knows that sometimes we have to make difficult decisions.  So, He gives us the answers, ahead of time.  We find those answers in the Bible.

One time, the Devil tried to confuse Jesus.  He tempted Him to make some difficult decisions on His own, without asking God what to do.  But instead, Jesus went straight to the Bible to find God’s answer.  He had studied the Bible His whole life and He knew what it said.  He found God’s answer in the Bible and then did exactly what it said.  Even in the midst of the confusion that the Devil was trying to create…He ran the right way.

That is what we should do, as well.  When we are making decisions we should find what God has said in the Bible.  The answers to every question you will ever have are right there.  And, the more you study the Bible, the quicker you will know the answers.  That can be important…especially when the question is difficult and when there are a lot of things going on that could confuse you.  Read your Bible every day.  Then, when life gets confusing…you will run the right way.

Love you more than bunches and bunches,



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