January 1 – Thoughts About God For My Grandkids


Thoughts about God for My Grandkids

January 1

Bible Reading: Matthew 1


Topic Summary:

Joseph and Mary didn’t understand everything that God was doing in and through their lives.  And they certainly could not give a rational explanation of how it was going to happen (a virgin was going to give birth to a child?!?).  But they did not let that stop them from having faith in God.


Thoughts about God for My Grandkids:

Quick, explain to me how the engine on your Dad’s truck works.  Tell me how electricity makes the light bulb in your bedroom burn bright.  Can’t do it, can you?  So, I guess you just stay at home and live in the dark, right?  Of course not!  You ride around in the truck and turn on the lights all of the time.  Just because you can’t explain exactly how something works…doesn’t mean that you don’t trust it to work.

Sometimes it can be that way with God.  There are many, many things about God that we can know and understand.  Like…

  • God knows everything…before it even happens.
  • He has the power to do anything.
  • He is perfect and everything that He does is perfect. That means He never makes a mistake.
  • God loves you completely and there is nothing that can ever make Him stop loving you.

We know those things and much, much more because God has given us an incredible thing called a brain so that we can know Him and know what He wants us to do.  When something happens and we understand what God wants us to do and what His purpose is for allowing it to happen…it seems to make it easier to do what He says.  “Well, sure I’ll do that.  Piece of cake!”  But even then, we still have to make a decision to trust that God knows what He is doing, that He has the power to do it, and that it is the right thing to do.  When something happens and I make a decision to do what God says…the Bible calls that “faith”.

But sometimes I can’t seem to understand what God is doing.  I can’t figure out why He is allowing something to happen.

  • It may not make sense.
  • It may cause me problems.
  • It may seem to be out of control.

Like when someone says something, or does something that hurts you.  Or, when someone you love becomes sick, or gets hurt…and maybe even dies.  And we think, “God, why did You let that happen?”  But just because we can’t understand it…that doesn’t mean that we don’t trust God, that we don’t have faith in God.  When stuff happens and life changes…remember, God has not changed, at all.  He is still exactly the same.

  • He still loves you.
  • He is still in control.
  • He still knows exactly what to do.

When I remember those things I don’t worry.  It gives me great peace and calm.  I trust that whether I understand it, or not, God is still at work.  God’s ability is not determined by my understanding.  Kind of like when we don’t understand everything about the car and the light switch and yet we trust them to work.  We trust God to work even when we can’t understand everything that is happening.  That’s faith.  One more thing, faith is like a muscle…the more you exercise it…the stronger it grows.  So, drop and give me ten!


Love you more than bunches and bunches,


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  1. Pastor, you were so right! This message may be to your grandchildren, but it certainly ministered to me today! It is good to go back to the basics! God bless you!

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