Read thru the New Testament-May 30

John 11:47-57
John 11:45-46-These verses present the stark difference of opinion and response of people to Jesus. Some see what He does and hear His message…and believe in Him. Others see the same miracles and hear the same message…and turn their backs on Him.
John 11:47-54-The chief priests and Pharisees acknowledge that Jesus is “performing many signs”. But people with an agenda show little concern for truth and reality. They also show little awareness that when God is moving…there is no power on earth that can stop Him. They fear that Jesus will cause an uprising among the people that the Romans would crush…and afterwards take away their positions of leadership and power. However, Caiaphas, the high priest, was a shrewd man who was willing to do whatever it took to protect his position and power. Playing on their fears, he told them that it was necessary for Jesus to die…in order for the nation to survive. Following this perversion of logical thought, they could now they can feel better about the plots, and schemes, and deceptions that they will devise to have Jesus killed. Their involvement in this sin will be for a greater good. The good that they accomplish will outweigh the sin that they will endorse. So, they plotted to kill Him. Here, we see the sovereignty of God in action. He had sent His Son into the world to die for its sin. And now, He is using the rulers of the nation of Israel to accomplish this very task. Caiaphas is just a pawn, a vehicle for God’s sovereign activity. In his attempt to save himself…he is in actuality being used by God to provide salvation for both those in Israel and those not a part of Israel (the Gentiles)…through the death of Jesus. Knowing this, Jesus stayed out of the public eye…and went to Ephraim.
John 11:55-57-The Passover was approaching and the Jews kept watch for Jesus to arrive so that they could arrest Him.
Prayer: Lord, please don’t let me ever sacrifice Your truth, Your will…for the sake of expediency, or in order to accomplish something that I want. Please help me to know what Your will is and to always seek to follow it.

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