Read thru the New Testament-May 11

John 3:22-36
John 3:22-Jesus goes to Judea…John is in Aenon, near Salim.

The exact location of Aenon is uncertain. However, it is commonly thought to be a spring. This is the only time it is mentioned in the Bible. See the map below:

John’s disciples question him about Jesus. He reminds them that his ministry and its results are not his to choose or decide…but that they are given to him by God. He then goes on to remind them that he had made it clear that he is not the Messiah…but that Jesus is. He qualifies this fact by telling them that Jesus is above everyone else because of where He comes from…“above…Heaven…He whom God has sent” (:31,34; 3:13). John is filled with joy because people are coming to Jesus (:29). In fact, he says that eventually he will “decrease” (to become less, or inferior; to decrease in authority or popularity)…but Jesus will “increase” (to increase, become greater). That which Jesus teaches is the truth (:33), it is from God (:34), is completely from the Spirit without any additional influence or affect (:34-“measure”– determined extent, portion measured off, measure or limit), and, it is in total harmony with the purposes of the Father (:35). And yet, few will believe Him (:32). John says the bottom line is this: if you believe in Jesus as the Son of God you will have eternal life; if you don’t believe, it is disobedience to God and you will suffer the consequences, His punishment.
Prayer: Lord, once again, John does not gather men to himself, but directs them to Jesus. Please help me to always direct people to Jesus…that they would recognize Him for Who He is…and that they might be saved.

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