Read thru the New Testament-May 5

Luke 24:1-35
Luke 24:1-12-It is Sunday morning. A group of women (Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary mother of James, other women, :10) come to the tomb of Jesus with the spices they had prepared on Friday afternoon for His burial. They fully expect to find His body there. The large stone that had been rolled in front of the entrance to the tomb has been rolled away and when they enter they discover that the body of Jesus is gone. Initially, their hearts must have sunk. After all that has happened, and now, someone has taken His body. ”Who would do a thing like this? It must be the Romans, or the Council…because there aren’t any soldiers here. Why won’t they just leave Him alone?” they must have thought. Suddenly, two angels appear. The women are terrorized. The angels ask, “Why do you seek the living One among the dead? He is not here, but He has risen…” They remind them of His prediction of these matters (see Mark 9:30) and they remember it. They return and tell the Apostles and the others…but it seem to be “nonsense, and they would not believe them” (:11). But Peter ran to the tomb and looked in. He found only the linen cloth that had been wrapped around the body of Jesus.

(Ryrie, 24:12) the linen wrappings. The wide bandage-like strips that were wound around the body (23:53). only. Or, by themselves. Despite the absence of the body, the clothes retained the same shape and position they had when it was there. If someone had stolen the body but left the clothes, he would have had to unwrap it and the clothes would not have been in this position. See John 20:6-7.

Peter then went to his house “marveling” at what had happened. The word “marvel” speaks of astonishment, wonder (same word as in v. 41). Peter was amazed at what he saw…though he was not yet certain about what it meant.
Luke 24:13-35-Two of the disciples (one named Cleopas) are on the road that leads to Emmaus…which was about 7 miles from Jerusalem. They were talking about what had happened. Suddenly, Jesus joined them as they were walking…but they did not recognize Him. He asks what they are talking about and they tell Him about the women finding the empty tomb and others going to investigate. He then explained to them about Himself from the prophecies in the Old Testament. He went to their home to eat with them and when He broke the bread “their eyes were opened and they recognized Him”. They returned to Jerusalem and told the Apostles, and the others. Verse 34 says the Jesus had appeared to Simon. The only other mention of this is in 1 Corinthians 15:5.
Prayer: Lord, don’t ever let my heart become satisfied, or complacent…always help me to marvel, and to be amazed at You. Don’t let me ever lose the wonder. Please, Lord…help me to see Your glory continuously so that my heart might be forever lifted up to You in praise.

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