Read thru the New Testament-April 29

Luke 22:1-30

Luke 22:1-It is Wednesday…Passover is approaching.

Luke 22:3-“Satan entered into Judas…”. This phrase does not tell us how Satan influenced Judas, but it does give us the results of his influence. Judas made a deal with the chief priests to betray Jesus for money. To some degree, Judas allowed his ambitions to be manipulated by Satan. Perhaps he was so intent upon the overthrow of the Roman government that he was willing to manipulate Jesus for his cause. Or, perhaps he believed that Jesus was actually the Messiah (whom he thought to be a military/political leader)…but that Jesus did not fully grasp what role He was supposed to play…so, he would force Him into a situation in which He would have to respond in a manner that he felt was in keeping with his Messianic role. Either way, by following this course of thought and action, Judas allowed himself to become the pawn of Satan’s plan. In fact, he had become so obsessed with his plan…and perhaps so possessed by Satan…that Jesus referred to him as a “devil” (John 6:70)…so closely allied with the Devils plans…that he had become a reflection of his person.



“an accuser” (cp. ACCUSE, B, No. 1), is used 34 times as a title of Satan, the Devil (the English word is derived from the Greek); once of Judas, Jhn 6:70, who, in his opposition of God, acted the part of the Devil. Apart from Jhn 6:70, men are never spoken of as devils…

Devil, Devilish:

…Judas, who gave himself over to the “Devil,” was so identified with him, that the Lord described him as such, Jhn 6:70 (see Jhn 13:2)…

(, Vine’s Expository Dictionary of the New Testament)


What a warning is issued to us here. Is it possible that people can become so passionate about their own ideas, desires, or causes…that they try to compel them on other people, and even God? And in so doing, actually work against God and in behalf of Satan. The cause does not have to be inherently wrong, or sinful…just not what God desires. Many people have left churches because of conflict over personal preferences and partialities over the color of paint, and the style of carpet. The Judas disposition seems to be alive and well, today.

Luke 22:7-13-It is Thursday…the first day of Unleavened Bread, Passover. Jesus sent Peter and John to make preparations for Passover for the disciples.

Luke 22:14-20-Jesus tells the disciples that He had been anticipating eating this Passover with them. This time as at they share in it together…its significance will be revealed by Him. The next time they share in it together…its significance would have been fulfilled by Him.  He then institutes the Lord’s Supper.


See February 11, Matthew 26:20-54 for the historical significance of the Passover for the Jews and its symbolism for Christians.

For additional information on the Passover and the point at which Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper in the context of the Seder Feast see:


Luke 22:21-22-Jesus tells them that one of them will betray Him. While to some, this betrayal will seem to be the cause of His crucifixion…but it is not. Judas is just the vehicle that God will use. The crucifixion of Jesus had been predetermined by God, “the Son of Man is going as it has been determined” (:22). Nevertheless, Judas will be held accountable for his betrayal.

Luke 22:23-30-The disciples begin to discuss who the betrayer might be. It turns into an argument in which each one is trying to prove that it cannot be him because of his supposedly being greater than the rest.  Jesus tells them that they shouldn’t be anxious over their greatness (who was the leader), but that they should be like servants to one another…as He has served them. The day will come when they will be given leadership responsibilities in Heaven. But as of now, they are to lead by serving. It is a sad reflection on the Apostles that at this moment, the very moment when Jesus tells them that one of them would betray Him, instead of focusing their concerns on Him…they begin to focus their attention of themselves. They seemed more worried to prove that they weren’t the betrayer, than to show their love for the One Who would be betrayed. How terribly self-centered we can be.

Prayer: Lord, when the disciples began to discuss among themselves who it was that would betray Jesus, they evidently began to pass judgment on one another.  The next thing, they arguing about who is greatest.  It seems that one action leads to the next.  The moment I begin to judge against someone else…I begin to think of myself more highly.  Instead, You tell me to think of my brother as being worthy of being served…and then, I will be able to judge myself rightly.  Please help me to always think well of my brothers and sisters.  Help me Lord to serve them as You did.

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