Luke 14:25-35
Luke 14:25-32-Many people were beginning to follow Jesus…so, He takes time to clearly establish the extent of the commitment necessary if they were going to continue to follow Him…

(:26)-love Him more than anyone else
(:27)-take up our own cross (in other words, be willing to die to anything the would inhibit our ability to follow Him)
(:28-30)-be willing to continue through to the end, knowing ahead of time what the cost is
(:31-32)-be willing to give everything that you have in order to so.

Luke 14:33-35-He then uses salt as an illustration of total commitment. Salt is only good as long as it remains salty. In a similar way, our commitment is no good if it is not good to the end. Partial commitment is no commitment at all. Like salt that has lost its flavor…commitment that fails to follow through is worthless. Also, if salt loses its saltiness…is there anything that can salt, salt? In other words, once it has lost its saltiness there is little that can be done to restore it. Even so, once a person has lost their commitment…there is little that can be done to restore it. It must be decided and settled once and for all, in the beginning, on the front end. There is no room for partial commitment…trying commitment to Christ out for a while to see how it goes. It is all, or nothing.
Prayer: Lord, I confess to You that it can be hard to be faithful…there are so many distractions, so many temptations, so many struggles that I must face. Holy Spirit, please strengthen me. This is not something that I can do on my own. And when I think I can…I realize that I am in danger of being proud, and self-sufficient.

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