Read thru the New Testament-April 2

Luke 8:22-56
Luke 8:22-25-Jesus crosses the lake in a boat and encounters a storm. He was asleep in the boat so the disciples woke Him and He calmed the storm. They were fearful and amazed. He asked, “Where is your faith?” What is interesting is that Jesus had told them, “Let us go over to the other side of the lake.” If Jesus says He is going to the other side…no storm on earth can stop Him. Since they were in the boat with Him…they should have known that they were safe.
Luke 8:26-39-Jesus encounters a man possessed by demons (a Legion of them) in Gerasene. The man is so controlled by the demons that when Jesus asks him his name, he responds by saying that his name is “Legion”, signifying the number of demons that are in him. The demons knew that Jesus had control over them and requested that they be allowed to enter a herd of pigs that were nearby. He allowed them to do so. They then charged the entire herd over a cliff and they died. The people who saw it happened reported it to the local inhabitants (who owned the pigs). Instead of recognizing Who Jesus was (even the demons had done this), they were upset over the death of their pigs and told Him to leave. The man who had formerly been possessed by the demons asked if He could follow along with Jesus. Jesus told him to go home and tell them “what great things God has done for you.”…and he did so.
Luke 8:40-56-A man named Jairus (a synagogue official) comes to Jesus and requests that He come to his home. His only daughter, was dying (12-years-old). As Jesus is going to his home, a woman who had been sick with a hemorrhage for 12 years sneaks up behind him and touches His coat…she is healed. Jesus knew that healing power had gone through Him and asked who it was. The woman admitted it was her and Jesus told her that her “faith has made you well; go in peace”. While He is speaking with the woman, people arrive from Jairus’ home and tell them that his daughter has died. Jesus says, “Do not be afraid any longer; only believe, and she will be made well.” He arrived and told the people to stop crying because the little girl was not dead, only asleep. The people laughed at Him. He took Peter, John and the parents with Him and went to the girl. He brought her back to life…and told her parents to tell no one what had happened.
Prayer: Lord, Your power is so evident here. Please allow me to experience Your power in my life…and please let Your power move through me in the ministry that You have called me to. I don’t want to operate in my own strength, or ability, or knowledge. God…I would rather have Your power move through one word from me, than no power and 10,000 words from me. I must have Your power, or else all is in vain. It is so senseless to try to do Your work…on my own. Please, Lord, help me to have complete faith in You, but still, help me to always marvel at You as the disciples did…”Who then is this, that He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey Him?”

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