Read thru the New Testament-March 29

Luke 6:29-49

Luke 6:29-49 are specific applications of the preceding verses.  Verse 31 (the Golden Rule) tells us that the pattern for our behavior towards others should be how we would want to be treated if we were in their place.

Luke 6:32-38-Love, do good, and give to others (speaking here of doing so not to those that you would normally do so because of your good relationship with them…but of those that you do not have a good relationship with)…not expecting anything in return from them…but knowing that God will repay you.  Verse 35 tells us that the impetus for this behavior is the character of God.  Since God is our Father, we should have the same character as He does.  When we behave in a manner that is in keeping with Him, then we will be called the “sons of the Most High” (:35,36).  And, verse 38 encourages us to behave this way with generosity…because to the extent that we do so for others, we are in effect telling God that this is the extent that we want Him to do for us.  So, in consideration of how we treat other people we should ask: 1.-What would I want done if I was in the other person’s shoes?; 2.-What would God do in this circumstance?; 3.-Am I doing just enough to get by, or, am I truly expressing the bountiful grace of God in my actions?

Luke 6:39-40-Do not use the standards of other people to guide your behavior…since their standard is inadequate.

Luke 6:41-42-Do not use your own standards to guide your behavior toward other people…since we have problems of our own which warp our attitudes.

Luke 6:43-49-The only standard we should allow to guide our behavior is that of Christ.  If we truly follow Jesus as our Lord, then our lives will be in keeping with His character.  We will do what He says and act on His words.  Then, we will be like a house built on His words…and that will be evidenced by our obedience to His words, and by the strength in our lives that results from that obedience.

Prayer: Lord, help me to be like You, like my Father.  It is easiest, and humanly natural…to treat others from my own perspective.  I try to do the right things.  But I confess that even then…I get in the way.  Please help me to have Your heart, and Your discernment…so that I will treat others the way that You do.  Fill my heart, Lord, with You.

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