Read thru the New Testament-March 25

Luke 4:33-44

Luke 4:33-37-Jesus heals a demon possessed man in the Synagogue. The people are amazed.  The authority of Jesus’ teaching is authenticated by this miracle.  Word began to spread about Him, quickly.

Luke 4:38-41-Jesus goes to Simon’s home in Capernaum.  He heals Simon’s mother-in-law.  He healed many sick people and cast the demons out of many of them.  It is amazing that the demons so quickly recognized Who He was (:34,41)…and yet, the people were slow to come to that realization.

Luke 4:42-Jesus went out to a lonely place to pray.  When the crowds found Him they tried to keep Him from leaving them.  Obviously they wanted Him to stay and continue to heal people.  While this was important, it was not the priority of Jesus’ ministry.  He had come primarily to preach concerning the kingdom of God.  He did not perform miracles strictly for their own sake…but, He did so in order to authenticate the authority of His teaching, of His message concerning the kingdom of God.

Luke 4:43-44-Jesus continued to preach in the synagogues in the cities of Judea.

Prayer: Lord, please keep me from allowing the crowds, other people, from influencing what I do.  Help me to be faithful to You and to Your will.  Keep me focused and intent.

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