Read thru the New Testament-March 19

Luke 1:24-56

Luke 1:24-25-Just as Gabriel had said, Elizabeth became pregnant.

Luke 1:26-27-When Elizabeth is 6 months pregnant, the angel Gabriel appears to Mary (a virgin, in Nazareth, descendant of David)…who was engaged to a man named Joseph.


For an explanation of the Jewish practice of marriageengagement/betrothal see:;


Luke 1:28-33-Gabriel tells her that she will have a son and is to name Him Jesus…He will be called, “the son of the Most High…God will give Him the throne of David…His kingdom will have no end.”

Luke 1:34-Mary asks how this will be possible since she is a virgin.

Luke 1:35-Gabriel tells her that her pregnancy will not be the result of her having had a sexual relationship with a man…but, it will be the work of the Holy Spirit.  The word “overshadow” means: to throw a shadow upon, to envelop in a shadow, to overshadow.  There is no detailed explanation of how God did this…but simply that “The Holy Spirit…the Most High”, Himself came upon Mary and made her pregnant.  That is why the child will be called “the Son of God”.

Luke 1:36-38-Gabriel tells Mary about Elizabeth.

Luke 1:39-45-Very quickly, Mary goes to visit with Elizabeth in a city in Judah.  When Elizabeth heard Mary’s voice “the baby leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit”…she calls Mary “the mother of my Lord” (:43).

Luke 1:46-55-Mary’s response is often referred to as “the Magnificat”…from the first word of the Latin translation.  Mary stayed with Elizabeth until just before she gave birth to John.

Prayer: Lord, Mary’s response to what has happened to her is one of humility.  She does not respond with pride, or any hint that she thought that she was deserving of such a thing.  She gives all the glory and praise to You…for Your choice and Your work.  Help me Lord…to always direct praise and honor and glory to You.  If not for Your grace and Your work in me…I could never accomplish anything.  So, help me to constantly direct people to You.

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