Read thru the New Testament-March 14

Mark 14:51-72

Mk. 14:51-52-John runs away after his robe is torn off.

Mk. 14:53-15:47-The trials and crucifixion of Jesus


For a timeline of the last hours of the life of Jesus see:


Mk. 14:53-65-The trial before Caiaphas (high priest, chief priests, elders, scribes, whole Council).  Peter had followed them into the courtyard of the high priest (:54). They tried to find false testimony against Jesus, but couldn’t (:55-59).  The high priest questions Jesus(:60-65).  Finally, he asks Him if He is the Christ (Messiah) and Jesus responds, “I am…” (:62). That is all the evidence needed, so the high priest accuses Jesus of blasphemy and they begin to abuse Him physically.

Mk. 14:66-72-Peter’s denial of Jesus…

·     A servant girl says that he was with Jesus…he denies it (:66-68)

·     A maid says that he was one of them…he denies it (:69-70)

·     Bystanders say that he was one of the…he denies it and begins to curse (:70-71)

·     The rooster crows…and Peter begins to weep (:72)

Prayer: Lord, even from the distance of time and knowing what I know…I can only pray that if faced with persecution such as the disciples faced that I would be faithful and strong.  It seems to easy to read about their denial and judge them.  But they didn’t have the benefit of knowing of Your resurrection.  And Lord, even with that…the fear ofphysical harm and pain are strong.  Help me to be faithful…even today…where I face no trial for following You.  Lord, it is not the rocky road of persecution that I walk…but the smooth road of comfort. At times, my struggle is to be willing to give up the comfort in order to follow You.  But right now, I don’t struggle with following You during a time of persecution…but I struggle following You during a time of peace.  I get lazy.  I don’t keep up my guard.  I get comfortable.  I find myself not seeking You with as much determination and need…but relying on myself.  Please forgive me, Lord.  Help me to follow You as closely during times of ease, as during times of difficulty.

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