Read thru the New Testament-March 8

Mark 12:1-27

Mk. 12:1-12-Jesus tells a parable about a vineyard…it is a teaching about Himself and how the Jewish leaders will treat Him.  In the parable…the man who built the vineyard is God, the vineyard is Israel, the slaves represent the Old Testament prophets and John the Baptist, and the son that they killed is Jesus.  The destruction of the vineyard speaks of the destruction of Jerusalem (70 A.D.).  The Jewish leaders became angry because they knew that Jesus was making a reference to the way that they were treating Him.

Mk. 12:13-17-Jesus responds to a trick question from the Jewish leaders concerning the paying of taxes (see February 2, Matthew 22:1-22). They tell Him that they know that He would “defer to no one”…meaning that He is not susceptible to being flattered.  However, their very statement is in itself an attempt at flattery.

Mk. 12:18-27-Jesus responds to a question (Levirite marriage) from the Sadducees concerning the resurrection (see February 3, Matthew 22:23-46).

Prayer: Lord, you told the Sadducees that their problem was that they did not understand the Scriptures, or the power of God.  Please, Lord…help me to understand with clarity what You have said in the Scriptures and to understand how to have Your power to fulfill and keep them…as certainly as Your power can raise the dead.

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